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Maybe he just hates bronies.

Oh my.

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I’ve seen him get…angry whenever paganism or Wicca is bought up :wolf:


I make those kind of miracles happen all the time :wink:


I don’t even know how to respond to that without it being taken the wrong way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh no, what did I walk into? Spanish inquisition on MLP??

What is happening here??


Don’t tell you know who the Bible says his staff is magic.


Yven went off on a tangent about MLP and paganism bad. I is a bit concerned :wolf:


But Ren…

Now I want to tell him!!!


Moses specifically waves his Staff over the Red Sea to make it part. He also stretched it out for a couple of the 10 Plagues of Egypt.

He also was supposed to Prophesize at a Rock to make it give forth Water but disobeyed God and was barred from the Promised Land.

Christ also mentions that if you have the Faith the size of a Mustard Seed you can tell a Mountain “Go pick yourself up and throw yourself into the sea” and it will be done.

No where does the Bible mention Wands or Staves being Magic or Witchcraft! Only Modern Day Media dares make that claim!

Modern Day Media constantly claims things are in the Bible that aren’t there! Those claims are false!

Ok, but maybe My Little Pony isn’t striving for Biblical accuracy? Maybe it’s just trying to be a cartoon show about pony people doing things?

I am still confounded. This is all very confounding!!


Did you ever think you’d say that in conversation?

Renautus is the one who called the Show Paganism so I explained how exactly it was Paganism as well as any solution to said Paganism.

Paganism isn’t evil though. That’s just a nonsense and outdated notion. :wolf:


I wish I could say no, but I did recently have a back and forth with someone who thinks the Forsaken quests in Hillsbrad were a direct attack against his real life self and the real life selves of other Alliance players, so this strikes me as normal for the Story Forums now.

Whether this is healthy or not will be decided by my therapist at a later date.


in Exodus 7:8-13 God tells Moses and Aron to show the power of God to the pharaoh by turning Moses’s staff into a snake. That’s a type of magic, right?

Aron also takes that same staff and turns the water of Nile into blood.

Ok, so Spanish Inquisition in Equestria for Biblical Accuracy.

This is still weird, but not as weird as feeling personally IRL attacked because Johnny Awesome exists.

Magic is the Incantations of a Spellbook and Astrology according to Zoroastrian Magi and they invented the term Magic.

The Bible’s use of the term Magic is always in reference to Zoroastrian Priests and their Rituals not for preforming Miracles/Superpowers with staves!

Both the Bible and the Inventors of the Term Magic know what Magic is(Zoroastrian Rituals involving Spellbook Incantations and Astrology) and isn’t(Miracles fired off from Staves and Wands or one’s hands) unlike Modern TV Shows, Newscasters and Republicans from the USA.

You realize that the Abrahamic religions came from Zoroastrianism right??

You seem to treat Zoroastrianism with a lot of contempt, our concepts of religion, math, astrology, and calendar systems all come from Persia.


And the greatest gift of all?