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What is the name of this cookbook? I have the actual COOK book, is that what you mean?

Season 4 of Shadowlands is out, and I could not care less.


One quest away from getting my Frostwolf mount and tabard off the vendor :dracthyr_nod:


New Flavors of Azeroth.

It’s also late because lol, delivering to Alaska. Alas.


Welp subscription ends on Thursday. I actually didnt wind up playing WoW for most of the additional month I bought.

Ardenweald was worth seeing and I do actually enjoy leveling new characters through old content. But good god you’d have to pay me to look at Torghast, the Maw or Zereth Mortis again.

Dragonflight looks promising. But providing I’ve self control, I’ll wait for a few months in. After the honey moon phase is over and the annoyances start to dig in as the initial wonder is over.


That’s the same day mine ends. I almost wish I could take back every second I ever spent on this game.

Meh. I actually still enjoy it and didn’t even really mind the first part of SL. It’s when it doubled down on the Maw and Torghast that I gave up.

Still glad to come see Ardenweald through. That actually wound up coming in #2 for me behind Maldraxxus. Loved what sadistic little freaks they were. And stuff like weird spells that require reagents like a secret never uttered - always a fan of arcane weirdness like that.

Am glad I bailed on SL when I did though because Jesus. What a pile of crap that story was. But I did come back just in time for Lordaeron’s Reclamation so, good timing on my end at least.

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That was one of the best bits of Story based questing I have seen in a while. And the rewards?! Forget about it!

“of Lordaeron”… that is something. For Horde and Alliance (even if it should be Forsaken Only). As well as the Elf customizations.

Not to be too on the nose… but the Lordaeron stuff was a breath of fresh air in a blighted zone.


why so down Doness?

I like to refer to them as rejected LOTR wraith designs. They even scream like them. Probably the most uninspired mob design in the game.

Even the Maw’s music was generic as hell.


I think the success of the Lordaeron questline was a testament to how over Shadowlands people are.

Each expansion seems to be some world-ending disaster of epic proportions that we never catch a glimpse of fixing the damage of. I picture our hero PCs just zoning back into Azeroth and it’s just a smoldering crap-pile of like 8 years of damage because no one bothered to focus on the previous mess we all made.

Even if the quests seem somewhat mundane next to ‘KILL DEMON LORD/COSMIC ENTITY/FACTION COMMANDER XYZ’ they are really grounding to that original feel that Warcraft had. I hope to see more content like that in the future.


I don’t want to be overly negative but I’m having a really hard time thinking about what I liked about SL. I enjoyed discovering the different Houses of Maldraxxus, getting to help Bwonsamdi and the Loa in Ardenweald, and I thought the ancient Greece inspiration of Bastion was cool.

That’s about it. Everything else was uninteresting at best. Not a single second did I care about the fate of the Shadowlands, that of its inhabitants, or about the overall story. I don’t want anything to do with it anymore. I am fairly optimistic about Dragonflight so I’ll just stick to it and try to ignore SL even happened.


I’ve said it before but honestly if you’d shown screenshots of SL to me a couple years back, I probably would’ve assumed it was for a different game just ripping off WoW’s art style.


Very true. I always thought maybe SL would have been more enjoyable without the World of Warcraft logo. Now I just have robot aesthetics and spherical machinery PTSD


In the spirit of optimism, there were definitely things I DID like about SL, but very few will have lasting effect on the story.

I LOVED the Stewards. They were the one redeeming quality in Bastion aside from the zone aesthetic for me. The click-quotes of the Dredgers and tiny Stoneborne in Revendreth always make me chuckle (notable: WHERE’D YOU GET ALL DEM TEEF?)

I really loved the Ardenweald story, particularly the bits with Bwonsamdi, the Loa and Huln Highmountain. Wish we had gotten more out of the Drust and Vol’jin parts and I have mixed feelings about the Night Warrior conclusion overall.

Maldraxxus was pleasantly surprising in that I thought it would be my least favourite but the characters were so awesome and it was really cool to see some of my much loved characters come back as cameos (Alexandros, Vashj)

Also, the mount and armor designs are top tier, at least for cloth. I am working through Venthyr now and all of them really tick all the cool boxes in my lil goth heart.

I should also add, I quite liked the music in the main zones. The Maw music is ‘meh’ (but the Maw in general is.) I always get super hyped when I zone into Maldraxxus for the Theater of Pain daily cause it’s very good ‘battle’ music.


I am hoping Sire Denathrius sticks around.

My favorite thing about the D&D setting is that Devils and Demons are not at all interchangeable. They’ve actually been at war for untold millenia because that’s what happens when evil lawmakers meet evil lawbreakers.

Azeroth’s lacked a cosmic lawful evil which I’ve thought is a shame. The Legion and Void will make faustian bargains but only when brute force isnt immediately viable, and will not honor any bargains the second it is.

We could really use a Lucifer type to turn up and do this;


Demons are not a hive mind though, and in the DH starter scenario we saw an entire warband of Shivarra side with us against the Legion just because they didn’t feel like setting the Great Dark Beyond on fire. I’m really curious about the actual nature of Demons and the Twisting Nether, this is probably the cosmic bit I’m the most interested in


I hear you but it still seems categorically stupid to ever work with the Legion or Void. D&D Devils on the otherhand do absolutely honor the terms of their contracts.

They’re the sort of thing you want to read thoroughly and negotiate with the utmost care. But you can get a basically reasonable arrangement from them, particularly if you were already damned.


This should have been the Nightfae.

Eh I liked the Fae as malicious pranksters straddling the line between chaotic evil and neutral.

Which for the most part they were. It started off a little unbearby twee but by the time we got to essentially throwing acid on somebody’s soul as ‘just a prank bro’ I was very satisfied.