Story Campaign Gating

Was wondering what the reasoning is for gating the storyline so much? Myself and a few friends were going to do the Campaign only to level up (with WM off) starting at level 50 (it’s a lot worse for those starting at 48). By doing the Campaign only quests at 52.5 we were stopped because we needed to be 53 to pick up the next part in Bastion at Elysian Hold. So we did some side quests and hit 53.

We were able to enter Maldraxxus at 53.5 and leave around 55 with no issues at all. The next gating comes when we hit 57 exactly and then the campaign says “Requires Level 58 to continue”.

Is there a reason why we are being forced to do side quests if we don’t want to? Currently as it stands you need to grind roughly 1.5 levels via quests, gathering, and dungeons as I’m not sure if the WM bonus would push it up enough.

I know this was a big issue in beta and was supposedly fixed, but experiencing it in the live game at the moment.

There should be enough quests / XP to be able to do the Campaign only quests and go from 50-60, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Either XP isn’t scaling up accordingly for the quests or someone messed up when figuring out levels for campaign. Yeah, I know “Why skip side quests or dungeons”, but not everyone will want to do it that way and doing campaign only should be a viable option.

I agree. I was planning on doing all the storyline quests first, but now I’m stuck at Elysian Hold until I hit another level. Not a major issue but annoying none the less.

just wait until level 60 when you are trying to quest through the maw and they decide that you have gained too much attention from the jailor and killed 1 too many random trash mobs so u have 100% reduced healing and take shadow dmg each second while existing in the maw. The only way to reset it is wait till tomorrow. Blizzard time gating at an all time low. Count your mobs and don’t do too many world quests or you won’t be able to do that torgast campaign quest they gave you after everything. Guess you get to do it tomorrow. F