Stormstrike not doing full damage?

So Since season 4 has started I have been watching my damage closely. I am ilvl 286 enhancement and I am only doing 11k dps single target. Before the season I was doing near 18k @ ilvl 775. I just looked at the details and noticed that stormstrike is only hitting for about 2388 per hit on average. The tooltip says it is suppose to hit for 4837. Now I am not a rocket scientist but something doesn’t seem to add up there. I dont feel like I am doing the damage of someone with 286 ilvl atm. Would love to hear from other enh shammy’s and see if they are noticing the same issue.

Tooltip isn’t always the best to look at seeing as SS damage is reduced by armor.

Haven’t noticed anything drastic.

Stormstrike is physical damage.

Your numbers (2388 hit, 4837 tooltip) reflects hitting something with 50% armor/damage reduction. As that number is 49% and some change.

All I’m seeing from this is that Stormstrike needs a buff.

I haven’t done much content since S4, but in a Fated raid my damage seems to be lower than it was before. I feel like my DPS is down about 20% in Fated Nathria than it was in Sepulcher, though I could well be imagining things.

We’d need to see numbers, logs, etc to have some real feedback.