Stormrage, what is even happening?

So, I keep getting a world server is down alert yet it goes right back to character selection. Fellow guildmates have horrific loot lag, also still in the game so obviously world server is not down. What is even happening? No news? This has been going on an hour already. If it’s a queue issue cool give us queue timers. This though? Ridiculous. Sure sure all the shills will run to Blizz defense, because this is “their game” and how dare anyone call bad business out, when in reality it is all of our game, and we all love WoW, and real friends and fam do actually call each other out when something is off, not mime an echo chamber of toxic falsehoods just to needlessly “defend” something, or troll people who have every right to be frustrated. So on a honest note I can’t defend this. At least give us information to what is happening with the horrific gameplay at the moment? And please do address how long it will take to be resolved.

Please stick to the mega thread.