[Stormrage] Returning Core Raider LF Progressive Raiding Guild (18+)

> Disclaimer: Currently in the Military and I can be summoned at any meeting stone across World at any point in time, consider this as a Heads Up before consider reading my long a reading my public application. **

  • Main Class: Human Paladin - Holy MS // Ret OS (436 ilvl)
  • Alt Class: Evoker - Augmentation MS // Preservation OS (398 ilvl, can gear if needed)

I’m also good being flexible with either spec. and willing to swap in between if needed. I will need to gear up my Auggy if that’s case. LF a Solid Semi-Hardcore or a guild jumping into Mythic Raiding, so I can better my personal logs.

Mythic progression has always been my thing, whether its M+ or Raiding. My Old guild broke up and trying to get them back together but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. My Mythic raiding exp. is in BFA only, I missed SL due to getting my s*** straighten out and I finally decided to comeback and grind M+ and wanted to actually raid again back in DF, I heard SL raiding was FUBAR.

Overall I’m a great guy, very dorky and outgoing, can get wild sometimes with jokes and just overall fun (Which is why I recommend that the guild has mostly adults). I have a fast switch in case I’m doing and saying too much (I do my best to refrain from sensitive topics in all aspects, my humor can be crude and dark), even if we’re just goofing around but you get the point, I shut that s*** out quick as long its brought up to me and we can squash it (None of that sneaky stealth kick s*** or ninja talk n kick, talk to me if you got problem please).


  • Server: Stormrage
  • Timezone: CST (Central)

As usual I’m typically flexible on my hours and weekdays past 1600 (4pm) and weekends at any part of the day. Willing to do Raid Trials, vibe checks and etc. whatever your raiding team requires I’ll give it a shot.

Please don’t add me, I will reply to you here and then message you on discord for further discussion once you provide it.

Can server xfer, if accepted (After trials, if applicable) and guaranteed a secured spot.

Hi Kickmeimfat,
We have a AOTC semi-hardcore raid team with open spots right now that we are recruiting for the upcoming raid tier. We raid on fri and sat from 9:30pm-12:30EST. Below I have put the link to our guild information for you to look through if you would like. If it looks like something you would like to be a part of please feel free to reach out to me on discord (Byndi) or through Battlenet (DireRaven#1113911) as we would love to add you to the family.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a great day!