Stormbourne -AOTC minded guild looking for a healers!

[Guild: Stormbourne] is a semi-chill PvE oriented guild that is looking for like-minded players who enjoy being social and being part of a consistent group. Our goal is pushing intermediate content without sacrificing our friendly atmosphere

Raiding Schedule and Info: Our weekday team is focused on getting AOTC before the end of the raid tier. The schedule for our weekday team is Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:00PM EST.

We are looking for people who will be committed to achieving AOTC and enjoy a family-type atmosphere.

We are looking for friendly, helpful people interested in running M+. Welcoming returning players as well. Please feel free to contact me Darkdream#11723 or leave a comment below

Still looking for returning players as well as a few select classes to add to our heroic raid team

Always looking for chill people who just want a place to call home

Looking for MW monk ready to jump into heroic. We are looking for ranged but we are full on hunters. Currently 7/11H. Other healing classes will also be considered for a raid slot

Still looking for a geared healer for our raid team. Looking for ranged dps(full on hunters)

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Still looking for more. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Still looking for a healer or two!

Still looking for healers for our fun team!

How big is your team? Hit me up sometime :slight_smile: I want to see if we can help each other. Mirr#11495

Looking for flex healer!

Heroic Andy is down! Going to go fast now to AOTC! Come join us for an AOTC focused guild!
8/11 Heroic!

Could you use a 266 BM Hunter, 7/8 Heroic (I have Andy at about 30 %, so I know the fight).