Stop removing portals


we have given feedback 99% of us think its just a plain dumb move and pointless… i mean what would they like a 15 page dissertation?

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This is such a bad decision I have no words for it. Instead of making the world feel bigger, everyone will be crammed into Stormwind/Org - even worse than Dalaran.

I’m seriously wondering if this has anything to do with the time played metric conspiracy theorists being right. It may be time to just give up on this game.



That’s kind of the point. This isn’t classic any more.

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Open your eyes. There are countless posts in this thread providing legitimate feedback. And there are countless other threads in the forums on this very topic providing even more feedback.



So now since I have to fly to cavern of time instead of just useing the legion portal the world will feel more alive. I honestly doubt that. I dont run dragon soul, kara, ICC, firelands, sha, throne of thunder, black rock, the list goes on every week for the world to feel alive. This won’t make the world feel alive it will just make farming for mounts or doing any kinda of YEARS OLD CONTENT SO MUCH WORSE . STOP REMOVING THINGS FROM WORLD OF WARCARFT NO ONE LIKES IT.

Is blizzard going to have a single good idea I’m bfa?


Thanks to those who have been providing the impact on their gameplay. The more specifics we have the better. Please try to include the specific location of the portal so I don’t get things mixed up.

For those of you who have mentioned the Caverns of Time or Dalaran Crater portals, is this specifically about the Legion-Dalaran portals to these areas?

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And I never said there were not, what is the point you are making Lejk, aside from trying to stir up drama and create arguments for arguments sake. Your responses are exactly what I am talking about.

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Content doesn’t match what we’re getting now. In old content, I’m happily moving around on the ground, exploring things. New Content doesn’t have the same quality.

Mobs are too dense and there’s not enough open space to bother with exploring. You see it all by the time you get done.


Just leave portals alone. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Why it’s so hard to understand?

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Why are you targeting and attempting to belittle me?

Arguments for arguments sake? Are you mad?

We, the customers/players do not like the removal of a number of portals. And we are expressing our justified disdain.

Why is that so difficult to grasp?


The new Dalaran portals are definitely at the top of what I’m thinking. It holds the only decent MoP portal, as well as Karazhan which is right next to Stranglethorn. Caverns of Time is also used pretty frequently. Didn’t see if Shattrath was in the list of portals already located there but I use that one as well.

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There was a CM in here directly communicating with us and asking straight up what kind of feedback he wanted. Look at some of the responses he got in return. People have been begging for this exact thing for months and now that we have it, it’s clear why we lost that connection in the first place. I wouldn’t want to talk with any of these people either.


Just don’t remove the portals there is literally no reason. Adding a better portal room in the main cities is a good idea but why do you have to remove legion dalaran a shrine. Stop removing things in the game its doesnt make for better more interesting gameplay it just makes everyone mad.


You object to the sarcastic responses some players have made to Bornakk, saying we are just upset because we disagree with him when the fact is we are objecting to his mocking condescension, and then the first time a poster disagrees with you, you sarcastically say you now wish all portals to be removed.

Don’t criticize people expressing their unhappiness with the way a message is delivered if you can’t even reply civilly to one post politely disagreeing with you.

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Any and all portals, really, but the Legion portals are absolutely a huge motivator to play - I can get to an old zone quickly, so I WILL go out there. Maybe for farming, maybe just because it’s pretty. If you make it more inconvenient to get around, I WON’T get around. The zones you’re trying to populate won’t see me. I have several options to get to, say, Stranglethorn. Take them away? That’s one less person in that zone/possibly in the surrounding zones.

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To answer more specifically on the “Make the world feels bigger” part: I would feel in a bigger world if the game wasn’t trying to scram all the playerbase into one city (Stormwind/Orgrimmar). Adding the diverse conveniences (Auction house and banks sure, but also transmog, portal rooms, portal to the current expansion, to Cataclysm zones) to the other capitales would be a giant step in that direction.
An important point to that is also the possibility of choosing your own favorite hub. Taking myself as an example, I main Horde. I can’t stand the sight of Orgrimmar; seriously, I hate the aesthetic, the less time I spend here, the happier I am.
On the other hand, I love Silvermoon (that I would love even more if it was in 2019 graphisms and with flying, HINT, HINT) and Thunder Bluff. If I could choose either as my main hub, and make my visits to Orgrimmar more sparses, I could appreciate the city for itself again, the game would feel bigger (as that way I can see different landscapes) and I would be happier.

Fault of that, yes. If the new Orgrimmar/Stormwind portal rooms includes some of the deleted ones such as Karazhan (particularly for the Horde!), Dalaran Crater (particularly for the Alliance!) and Caverns of Time I would be… Not happier, but less bitter about it.


Mocking condescension is subjective. All of Bornakk’s follow-up questions are legitimate responses in the context of getting as much information from players about the upcoming changes.

At the same time, to the random triggered player, asking which of the CoT instances are being used the most results in slap-in-the-face reaction about how They could not possibly know why players are doing this older content.

Poor CM can’t announce anything without immediate backlash, and he can’t gather information about the change without immediate backlash either. How exactly are all player complaints supposed to get back to Ion et al if the one tasked with gathering that information can’t ask a question without someone feeling personally attacked by that simple question?

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One word.



While at face value it remains true, the argument that “portals make the world smaller” is so far beyond moot when a game has done nothing but steadily add land mass for the past 12 years.
There is exponentially more physical space in the game world than there has ever been so YES MAKE IT SMALLER PLEASE


I want to say that I still use the Shrine (through Legion Dal) for access to Shattrath and Old Dal (even though I have the ring on my main). Shatt is important for TW vendors.