Stop removing portals

I miss my horde warrior more now. He was an engineer and could teleport to Gadgetzan.

This one is just a stupid ol’ blacksmith that has to fly to the caverns. haha

I do agree that it makes the world feel bigger. It is undeniably less convenient though.


Nope, just feels like travel is being time gated. If you want the world to feel bigger make bigger zones that are more alive.


In my own opinion… No. They don’t make the world feel bigger, they make the world feel longer. I think the current live portals are fair.

I may not be a mage, but I think I have just a little less portal power as them currently. Engineer portals + portal access from hubs (Dal / Org), Org portal shirt, the toy that ports me to Black Temple, and I have the scroll to port me to Hillsbrad. (I might have more I am forgetting)


This is akin to the removal of flight to make the world bigger. I remember playing the game without flight. I remember playing the game without portals everywhere. I personally enjoyed that game and see how it can be fun… I’m no where close to the majority of players…

You opened numerous pandora’s boxes of convenience throughout various portions of the game and have built a community that relies on that convenience. Taking it away now is akin to shooting your own foot.

Build on what you’ve built… don’t tear out the base and expect the rest of the building to just… figure out how to stand up on its own. It’ll fall. As will your community.


How difficult is it to get to the locations you mentioned without a direct portal (talking to everybody who isn’t a mage here :wink: ) ?

Difficult enough that I don’t want to do the content. Without the Dalaran Crater portal, I absolutely would not have done the Love Is In The Air dailies in Silverpine. Making travel less convenient does not make the world feel more alive, it just makes it feel tedious.


I agree, but how convenient should things be for everybody? Why do mages have portals? Should everybody just have the teleport abilities that mages have? I don’t think that’d feel right, heh.


I don’t think time gated means what you think. There are good criticisms out there but saying “TIME GATING!?!?!” to everything isn’t really helpful


And if there was a portal room, transmog, void storage and a barbershop in every single city, then the world would definitely feel alive.

As it stands, they’re killing the other cities even more.

Stop killing the other cities. Let people have choices so the world actually feels larger. Part of the awesomeness of this game was so many cities we could utilize.


Blizz, please let all cities keep their amenities, thanks. That is what actually makes the world feel bigger-- having the ability to remain in past content without being punished.


Royal pain in the butt.

No it feels much more annoying. I can’t possibly agree to removing portals without a valid technical or lore reason.

I couldn’t disagree more, the current portal hubs are more lively because they have portals and are therefore a destination. Removing them kills them and just serves to annoy the player base other than the ‘turn it back into classic’ group.


On the contrary, I find it makes the old expansion-capitals feel gutted and sterile.

As the total area of the landmass in the game keeps growing, dead travel time feels more and more monotonous.


Sure it is when I currently have the portals now to get where I want and then get removed in 8.1.5. This time gates my travel.


True that. It’d be nice to have mage portals mean something again.

Can I get a hulk leap though? Jump from Stormwind to Kalimdor.




It might not be popular, but I for one think that we’ve already added too much convenience into the game. Just a game of popping around and pulling levers. Removing convenience is always a little hard even if it is in the best long term interest of the health of the game.

Not that I think these portals are that big a deal. There will still be lots of portals it seems.


I would argue that it makes it feel a bit smaller because places I enjoy going to are so out of the way. Example: every major city has an AH, but as a Tauren I liked going to Thunderbluff for the aesthetics. In MoP, and when MoP had those portals, I could choose to go to Thunderbluff to use that AH. Now, I would have to go to Orgrimmar and fly out to Thunderbluff to visit that. Why not just use Orgrimmar’s instead?

I have no reason to go to those other cities outside of aesthetics, and now it’s more of a pain to reach those locations for me to enjoy them. Less portals means Orgrimmar/Stormwind will just be the convenient choice to visit and we will have no reason to see the other cities. It’ll be too much of a pain to fly/pay a Mage to get in Thunderbluff what I can just get in Orgrimmar.


No. Fewer portals means I care even less about going to older content. I prefer the convenience of being able to only have to cross two or three zones instead of all of Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor to get somewhere. I don’t have all day to sit and play WoW anymore. I want to be able to get to content quickly so I can maximize what time I do have to play.


No, it doesn’t feel bigger.

And why remove portals for Ironforge and Thunder Bluff? They’re capital cities!


We don’t, we have to plot out our hearthstones and flight master’s whistle usage. Please don’t mock us.


Just keep the portals in the same places and add more… Let us have choices! I wanna teleport to the shine to port k


yeah but the world isn’t ‘alive’

it’s mostly static with stuff that we had to grind a ton of times before, thus the high desire for portals to cut down time wasted in transit