Stop rehashing old content

I have been an enthusiastic player since November 2004 and I never come here to complain, but, I feel like a big problem is coming and I want to bring attention to it.

We ended Legion with 14 mythic plus dungeons
We ended BfA with 12 mythic plus dungeons
We ended SL with 10 mythic plus dungeons

In Dragonflight, we are on track to have 10, but, in our final season, just two of them are Dragonflight dungeons (the mega dungeon split in half).

The experiment of rotating in old dungeons was a fine thing to try, but not at the expense of the new expansions’ dungeons. Many of us ran these old dungeons a blinding amount of times, and have zero interest in heading back in there, even if there are some new “twists”. It’s not fun to re-run the same dungeons we ran for years, and I’m afraid the same will happen to raids if this continues.

I fear future expansions will create less and less new dungeons and rely on cycling in old ones to keep it “fresh”, when really, it does the opposite. There is a strong contingent of players that enjoy getting good at the new expansion dungeons over the course of the expac, and do not want to run Atal’Dazar or whatever again.

Please stop re-hashing old content instead of creating enough new dungeons each expansion. If you absolutely must rotate in old dungeons, add them to the existing ones for an expansion and do not rotate the new ones out.

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I kinda like the old ones coming back for a season (as long as they never bring back Tol Dagor). It’s nice not chasing the same exact gear and running the same exact dungeons every season in any case, and while it would be cool to have brand new dungeons every time, that’s not exactly feasible.

What I’m figuring/hoping is that with only Dawn of the Infinite from Dragonflight this time around, there will be another season (or more), and the last season will feature ALL of the DF dungeons to end the expansion since the DF dungeons have only been active keys for one season each.

To be fair, I’ve been having the most fun with some of the re-hashed older ones that were never keys, since they didn’t get run as much once people were into raids in those days. I ran, for example, Freehold and Underrot a LOT more in BfA than I ever ran SBG during WoD, or VP in Cataclysm.


No, I like them bringing back the old things. The only thing that’s annoying is how badly balanced they are for the first few weeks. I’d love to run a 25 Deadmines.


I also like the inclusion of old dungeons in the pool. I’d be happy if we ran through the entire list.


Player base: we are tired of running the same dungeons for the whole expansion
Also player base: stop reusing old content

The only way we an stop 1 without relying on 2 is if each patch brought new dungeons to the game.

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To be fair, this is an issue. Considering how light DF has been on content there is no reason we shouldnt have had far more dungeons.

They been rehashing old content since woltk. They did it for 2 raids in wotlk, 2 raids and 2 dungoens in cata and so and so on. Its not a new thing and while you can argue the pool is smaller overall and you are correct in saying so I would counter with quality over quantity. Sure legion ended with 14 but how many of those were actually good? 3-4 of them while Sl ended with 10 out of those we had 7-8 good ones

they tried that , and everyone got tired of running the same dungeons for 2 years so they rotated them in. Plus to get what you want, every single future dungeon has to be designed small enough for a mythic timer, and that would be foolish to designed every single instance around something a lot of people don’t even do, or do very little of. The problem isn’t which dungeons are being used, it’s how many of these things a lot of people are doing. No matter how many or what dungeons there are, they are gonna get stale running 200 of them a day.

Nah, chief. Horrible take. The last thing we want is to go back to 8 dungeons for over a year. Even in Legion it was the same dungeons all the way through with a couple adds.

I’d prefer 10 dungeons in a seasonal pool, but going back to the same thing forever just ain’t it.

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there’s no such thing as “old content”. the world is here in its entirety.

8 dungeons in the pool feels like the right amount because you have to remember that you need to grind IO score to move up the bracket. It’s also less dungeons that require proper tuning and balance.

I’m just surprised that they went with 8 completely new dungeons instead of using 2-4 from the 1st season mixed in with old dungeons.

Likely did so thinking or trying to prevent people from remembering paths from season one, which could throw off ratings and open the door for things like “what> you did not know about this? it was in season 1”

Who said this is the final season? I’d love to see that blue post. We’re a year out on the next xpac, still 2 months out on the reveal even, and you think this is the final season?

I couldn’t read anything else you wrote after this. They’ve been doing 8 week patch cycles this entire xpac and you think they’re going to abandon the game a year out from the next xpac?

Launch on Nov 28th
10.0.5 on Jan 24th - 8 weeks (+1 day because launch was a Monday)
10.0.7 on March 21st - 8 weeks
10.1 on May 2nd - 6 weeks (-2 weeks, Rushed for D4)
10.1.5 on July 11th - 10 weeks (+2 weeks, Back on the 8 week schedule)
10.1.7 on Sept 5th - 8 weeks

Blizzcon is going to throw this off (10.2 on Oct 31st is 8 weeks) and then the holidays (Dec 26th is 8 weeks from Oct 31st). But no matter how they change their release schedule for the holidays (10.2.5 is very likely already scheduled for 2024 since it’s not on their roadmap) they aren’t going to leave us on a tier for an entire year.

You can expect 10.2.5 in early Jan with 10.2.7 late Feb and 10.3 sometime in April. That will be the final full tier for DF which would run until Oct 2024 which is the perfect xpac launch window. I fully expect season 4 (the 10.3 season) to be all 10 DF dungeons, or at the very least the original 8.

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When there are 8, you can’t escape the “I just did that” feeling. When there are 10, there feels like sufficient options. I try to avoid running the same key twice a day, but when I’m in the mood to play for 7+ hours, it becomes unavoidable currently.

I didn’t really like having 10 dungeons on the roster when they did it that one season in SL.

In terms of old vs new. I’m happy to have some of the old dungeons come back. If I have to pick between rehashing old dungeons and running the same ones for over a year, I’ll definitely pick the rehash old dungeons.

I do think there is a middle ground somewhere where we have more of the new dungeons than we have currently while still not making it just the new dungeons all time every time.

No, in fact the older dungeons feel more balanced compared to the dungeons they make today where they try to overload u with tons of aoe damage and swirlies everywhere.

i think the pool should be all dungeons that are M+capable, and the keys should queue you at random into a dungeon… or at least there should be a mode like that. Where your key bounces up and down through a random pool of 50-100-etc many dungeons. loot tables could be fixed and independent of dungeon of origin.

I’d spam random M+ a lot if that were a thing, personally.

the whole “key” concept is so bad. Torghast wing-queue was much better.

M+ is great.
the way you enter a M+ needs revisiting.

Rehashing old content is good for the game. Revisiting previous xpac content gets players back into these zones, and nobody is forcing you to run m+.

I have no problem with “rehashing old content”, but it very much doesn’t do anything like this. A dungeon being added to the M+ pool means you have a portal in the capital city that drops you by the dungeon entrance (but maybe just annoyingly not quite), a portal reward so that you don’t even have to do that 1 min flight, and absolutely no interaction with the actual zones themselves.