Stop Punishing Players Who Have Dual Roles

Granted. You’re still using out-of-game channels to compensate for what’s already been demonstrated more than once to be extreme volatility in balance of permanent items.

It’s ok to have some items to be better than others, but it’s not ok to bind item to specific spec, especially when those slots were usable for all specs for many years before BFA. This is the problem Blizzard refuses to accept and fix.

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Clearly you never played pre-WoD where every armor piece was, for all intents and purposes, bound to a spec.

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While the Blues are here, any chance you can go say hi to Enhancement Shamans? Morale is pretty low.

And why do you think they made gear more spec agnostic in WoD+? Because it sucks to be unable to play off spec. Why make huge step back from this?

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How would you treat a piece of gear that has like heavy crit and is far and away the best for one spec and definitely the worst for another?

It still gives you some benefit, even if it’s smaller, unlike many azerite traits that only work for one spec, and give nothing to other. If traits were switching with spec, that would be non issue…


Juggling three secondary stats is way different than juggling dozens of azerite traits.


Azerite gear still gives some benefit, even if it’s smaller.

How is it different?

Azerite gear still comes some benefit even if 1 trait isn’t active.

So at a base level you feel the system is just too complicated and it would better to simplify it?

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Anyone would, because the reforge cost really is outrageous.

My question is more: Why do you have a reforge system you don’t want people to use?


What benefit do I get from some tank spec trait while specced into dps where ability that is affected by the trait not even present?

Just want to thank blizzard Community Managers for participation in this discussion. This community benefits from user input and the input from blizzard.


Sometimes you make a mistake. Sometimes a piece drops that is great for one spec and you can respec something you have to work for another. Have you run into these situations at all? Or something else?

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The primary stats and the second/third rings.

We appreciate your input and while we may not completely agree at times, it definitely helps to understand where you are coming from. :slight_smile:


Blizz wants our bags full of situational azerite gear.

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No, actually. On my druid I just do as you do and keep separate Azerite pieces.

I’m allowed to wonder why the reforge cost is so high, though.

If I did misclick or make a mistake I would bloody well throw out the piece if I couldn’t just wear it as-is.

Yep. That’s definitely nice.

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Much as I disagree with a lot of the things they’re saying (or at least see a lot of the things they’re saying as a partial admission the problem exists), I want to second this. This is the most substantive engagement we’ve had in weeks, and if anything’s going to get better, that’s where it absolutely has to start.

So yeah, thanks for being here. Really.

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