Stop Nerfing PVE Item lvl of PVP gear

If they retroactively nerf my Duelist Gear and make it so I have to climb to 2400 (when queues are literally dead) I’m going to stop subbing. Their statement “This change will not affect high item-level PvP gear” directly contradicts what their chart says


That isn’t the intended goal from these changes and that is extremely clear from the post.

ALL pvp gear has to scale to 259 then thats the only way this change will be good


Can you link the post?

Agreed, it will probably make me extend my break from the game until it is reverted back to the current benchmarks being left alone. They can add new ranks around the current ones like having 1950 with 242 between 1800(239) and duelist (246).

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Not to mention they are doing this MID season? Blizzard is literally trying to kill itself.

I’m fine with elite gear being the highest, but it should 100% scale up to mythic raid difficulty like S1. Anyone who thinks that gladiator is somehow easier to obtain or less relevant than any mythic boss is straight trolling


I don’t think that is necessary purely because the current ilvl avoids the massive rage from people who are allergic to pvp but mythic raid but still is acceptable to people who enjoy both and have to make an active choice between pvp and pve gear in the box every week.

I doubt Blizzard actually reads this thread and takes any of this feedback to heart.

Are you sure this wont impact anyone? People were already getting boosted to 2100, now there will be even more boosting since a full set is available at 2400. I’m not so sure this is not going to have a huge impact.

That honestly seems like a huge waste of time for 3 extra pve ilvls. NOT TO MENTION pve levels that were already previously reached at 2100 and retroactively taken away.

People are already NOT pvping for gear in pve. That was ONLY a thing early in S1 because raid dropped 60% less loot and you couldnt upgrade M+ gear with valor, so the only way to
effectively gear period was pvp. ALL that got changed w/in a month, yet we still see the pvp community punished for it, with people who pvp AND pve punished even moreso. You’re still “locked” into content, having to pick btwn pvp and pve loot or be week(s) behind because of the current vault.

How does blizzard say “M+, pvp, and mythic raid are the 3 pillars of endgame content”, yet only one of them awards max level gear?

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I’m excited for the change tbh.

I can tell you as a 218 priest, you won’t see much benefit to this.

Yea pretty much anyone who has hit mid tier ratings will see worse gear for the same effort.

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but people can pve and come in fresh with super gear and roll over pvpers?

is this correct?

Not really. I usually beat people in 250 pve gear on people with 220 pvp gear (from last season, so it doesn’t have the bonus ilvl). versatility + trinket bonus in pvp is easily worth big ilvls.

Honestly I don’t want an entire 2400 gear ilvl unless it scales the same I guess. I enjoy hanging around 21-22 and playing with my buds and now I’m gonna feel like I have to actually push earlier than I usually do. Just keep it at 21. Add a weapon or something if they absolutely have to so I can just get it quick and go back down :confused:

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I’m pretty sure that because it only shows 1 item level that that is the pvp item level. Blizzard of course sometimes words things in ways they need to elaborate on later. I like the gear gap lessening because it means less 1 shotting all around for everyone but I dislike that it makes Torghast harder and take longer.