Stop Making Baine useless please


Baine gets caught yet again in Shadowlands intro… Come on man. He hasn’t done ANYTHING except getting a medal of participation in ingame events. Stop it. Making him a spirit champion which is something that still doesn’t exist in game. Give him something to at least be able to be meaningful as a character. Those powers reflect the need of him fighting in shadowlands AND related to Tauren ancestors. Get on it.


Mayla is everything that Baine should have been.

Mayla is a direct descendant of one of the legendary warriors from the War of the Ancients. She has a black dragon by her side. While she isn’t used in the story as much as I’d like, she certainly took some thunder that could have went Baine’s way.


I agree with you in spirit but you be completely fair I’ve seen the man’s chest and I’d want to capture him too.


That’s less Baine’s issue and more Sylvanas is apparently somehow able to kidnap him, Jaina, Thrall, and Anduin with no repercussions whatsoever. Feels more like a her problem than a Baine problem.


Just kill him
he’s useless


Thats just Baine.
You can’t ask him to be someone hes not

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I don’t know why, but I instantly thought of Joe Biden.


Yes let’s stop making Baine useless!

I want my Baine steak rare.

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Nobody “made” him useless. He was useless his entire life. From warcraft 3 rexxar campaign, to cataclysm where he betrays horde for the first time and it just keep going

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He never betrayed the horde… lol. Also He fought and saved Garrosh hellscream from the quilboards using the fearbreaker. HE CLEARLY has paladin’ish tendencies when it’s needed. He’s also dabbled into shamanism in game through pandaria. At this point the character needs to stand out. It’s that simple.


Well, when he’s not recruiting people to murder Horde soldiers for the sake of an Alliance princess.


I have literally no idea what you’re talking about.

I have already said that he would be better served as a steak dinner. (pun intended haha)

I wish he would turn into a badass Runemaster and just start beating his enemies to death with his fists.

How about we just execute him instead? He’s already a traitorous alliance double agent, and like you just said he is useless. Why keep him? There are better tauren we can replace him with.

He is useful. As a willing servant of the enemy. He holds the Alliance in higher esteem than his own people, to the point of forbidding them from seeking vengeance - a right of every member of the Horde.

But I like the sound of him being a “spirit champion”. Does that mean we get to kill the shiftless traitor at some point?


No it means he gets to change the strengh of his ancestors into his body and fulfill super human strengh and more.

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Mm. Well, he’d need a spine for that, so it ain’t happening.

Baine? That ally tauren leader? lol

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Unfortunately funny, Baine’s group will outshine him.