Stop hitting Warrior Tanks with nerfs and start buffing other tanks

I mean, there was at least one report of a naked Warrior tanking a +20. That deserves a nerf in my opinion.

But I also think they should have buffed other Tanks before resorting to nerfs.

Just add an extra 0 onto the Stagger percentage. Please.


If we got hit with a nerf and other tanks got buffed, it’d be one thing. They just keep hitting warriors down a peg.

I’m clearly biased but this is the like… fourth nerf we’ve had since the release. We need to start getting them working on their unfinished products instead of remolding the solid ones.

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Agreed, I rather like the way warriors tank.
(Though my KSM is done on G druid).

Not really the point of your post, but I don’t really think paladins or dk’s need a buff as much as guardian/bm do.

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One report, one player, one time. Who was healing? With that logic the healer should be nerfed as well to be able to keep a naked tank alive.

Everyone always points to that one guy. If that is the case every class should have one button. Rextroy one shots bosses and players with every class. See pointing out the one dude is not the way to call for a nerf.


Blizzard doesn’t like warriors, but I just think their reasoning is funny…

Per raider io 34.7% of tanks with keys timed above 15 are warriors, that number is high, sure, BUT if you look at S1 of SL DH was sitting at 31.5% at the timed above 15 and they didn’t get touched.

If you go further and look at timed above 20, warriors are sitting at 40.8% for DF S1 and DH at an even larger 47.8% for SL S1 timed above 20.

Personally, I’d rather them buff other tanks rather than nerf warriors, but that isn’t how they do things.


This! We need the juice too!

To be fair, that team could probably do 20 cos on any “naked” tank. Maybe this time they would need to be 240 ilvl instead of 207, though. They are just really good players and the healer is one of the best in the world.

I’m open to a nerf every so often. I get it. If we’re vastly out performing other tanks, our popularity is staggering versus other tanks, etc. I get it.

So, give us a soft nerf, then bring the other tanks in line with our capabilities. You should grab a tank in your higher mythic keys because their rating coincides with what you’re looking for, not because there’s only one class that outperforms. All tanks should be able to handle high keys based on the skill of the tank, not the lack of mitigation/healing in their kit.

Buff the other tanks. BRM is insane for skilled players. It needs a little polishing and boom, it’s on par with a warrior tank - no problem.

The changes are a soft nerf. Warriors will still be meta even post-10.0.5.


Tanks are war machines atm, easily sustaining both 30k+ dps and hps at the same time. They don’t need major buffs.

Taking down Prot War a few pegs is the way to go. Brewmaster prolly need some buffs too but beyond these 2, tanking is fine.

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Warriors definitely needed a nerf. There shouldn’t be a tank that require 0 heals in a dungeon.

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Local paladin here, I’ll take a buff, yes sir don’t mind if I do.

Let’s see, more damage plz
A bit of tankyness not much not much just give me a little… Ok ok only while standing in my concecration. Thank you very much .


Im always for buffs instead of nerfs


They aren’t going to buff the other tanks.

They NERFED the other tanks in December. Remember? MORE than they nerfed Prot Warriors in the same batch.

Besides, the list of changes required to bring something like Brewmaster or Guardian up to the performance level of Prot Warriors would be HUGE. It would be an admission by the dev team that they shipped the expansion with class design unfinished.

(Which, of course, they did. But they don’t want to admit it. They’d have egg all over their faces.)

Druid tanks have been BEGGING Blizzard to at least FINISH THEIR TREE since it was in the first round of new talent trees published at the start of beta. Instead, bears are getting nerfed on Tuesday (Berserk nerf).

Contemplate that for a while, then let us know how likely buffs for other tanks are.

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Oh no, you’re going to go from the best tank by a large margin to… Still the best tank by a large margin.

Prepare for even more nerfs, cause this batch was tiny and isn’t going to change anything.


These nerfs amount to nothing in the grand scheme of things. Ignore Pain will be slightly less swole and anyone with a grasp of the class can hit 80 to 90+ uptime on shield block already sooooo yeah.

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please tell me there is a video of this. :dracthyr_a1:

pally doesn’t really need a buff, but some of our talents could use a rework.

some of our talents are mindbogglingly bad, like one gives you a buff for letting sotr drop, but the core rotation is to NEVER let sotr drop, why would you want a talent that incentivizes dropping the one thing that stops prot from falling over?

Buffs are fun.

Nerfs are not.

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