Still waiting for Enhancement Changes 9.1.5

I look at it like this when I refresh lighting shield I also refresh weapon buffs. Shouldn’t be needed but it has been broken before so its just a habit I do. Also I have a small ocd about their timers matching.

Why do we even have weapon buffs when there is no choice in how we play? Let alone have a duration to them. On top of that, we can’t even use weapon oils or sharpening stones.


Same empty promises from the same empty people.

Yeah work on Enhancement for 9.2 or 9.3 (if it exists) and then scrap it all for the next expansion. That has been their way since Legion.

No, thanks.

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It’s been longer then that. I remember post TBC, the talk about class balancing. They either tried or tried in spirit and would later reply that you’d have to wait until next expansion. Maybe WoD and on, Blizzard had said on a few occasions that Shaman is where they wanted classes to be. Yet all other classes tended to be stronger. On top of that, they rebuild classes/spec to bring about balance mathematically. Yet, again, Shaman continues to fall short of most specs. If class balance happens, it’ll either be by 9.2 or won’t happen until 10.0 … well, you can guess what how’ll it’ll be.

Yep. And we see how much Ion keeps his word. I also remember back when they were launching tbc they said we would be able to change our dances around but that didn’t happen.

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Can we please remove the spec from the game? Its pointless to try to make changes and end up with nothing. At this point, the class doesn’t seem to have a niche other than support. Rename to bard and make them have every totem as an aura from beating a drum.

I thought I was the only one who remembered that lol.