Still waiting for Enhancement Changes 9.1.5

Title says it all. Still waiting for changed and possible fix that was promised by Ion in an interview. Guess we see how much he cares.


Be careful for what you wish for. In my honest opinion. We will get nerfs before buffs.


at this point, i’d like to see any changes or qol changes to any of the 3 shaman specs wich i hardly believe will happen


Fix WF totem to work on off-hand
Fix weapon imbues to not break when zoning into PvP instances
Make mindgames not proc from nature’s guardian


good QoL changes

i would add sundering being able to incap FoF. I am confused on this as is

Sundering vs FoF would be nice.

Kind of weird that it’s considered a melee attack that can be parried.

But at the same time, we do get the melee perks like WF procs, etc by virtue of it being a melee attack…

What if unleash shield were made baseline instead (the water part could maybe still be a PvP talent for resto)?

This is interesting functionality that doesn’t see much play due to taking a PvP talent slot.


Id literally cheer for any acknowledgement of shamans in blue font.

I miss enjoying my shaman.

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yea i think either unleash shield or grounding needs to be baseline. in this meta we just don’t have enough flexibility in our build, it is a pick your poison thing

wish list

  • baseline feral lunge
  • root totem added in feral lunges talent slot
  • water shield (reduced mana) for enhance to make unleash shield better
  • lightning shield 15% damage reduction when procced (replacing seasoned winds)


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This is my wish list.

Shamanistic rage returned and made baseline.
Earth shock returned and baseline.
SS debuff returned baseline.
Forceful winds baked into wf at values of max stacks.
Wolves healing and stun returned.
Return of totems and the ability to drop 4 at a time and to dismiss them and relocate them.

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i cant see a world where we have our current healing
astral shift
AND shamanistic rage

could see it if they capped healing surge at like 5k

oh man i actually really miss this
would be really cool and make lightning bolt feel more impactful

also weakened blows from earth shock would be cool
similar to mystic touch or chaos brand

what? maybe i’m misunderstanding but you want them to baseline buff windfury by 5stack forceful winds?

miss this a lot
wish wolves had a pet bar again

having access to the stun would be insane also esp if it was toggle-able
would be kinda frustrating with no pet bar if they just came out and stunned when you used them though i could def see how you’d just play around that

Yes they have nerfed wf so much over the years. Just think we have ascendance its a talent on a 3 min cd. Wf would allow us to keep up with other classes that have their base dps cd at 1-2 mins. EX paladin with wings. We aren’t a pure melee class but when we will eventually lose doomwinds and other legos at least we will be able to keep up in dps vs those classes with short dps cd’s.

I used to see earth shock as our execute when we had this debuff from ss. Hit ss and earth shock. kinda like a rogues combo points and then their finisher. This turned our nature damage into a hard hitting ranged spells I miss this so much just the sound of earth shock hitting and seeing the numbers from the crit. Is why I been playing tbcc. And will play wrath.

Personally I think wrath/cata was the best version of Enhancement. Still had our totems blizzard gave us the ability to drop 4 totems at once different types of course and we could choose what to drop per the dynamics of the group and the fight and situation we were going to be in.

The big news for 9.1.5 is out, yet there’s nothing about class balance/spec performance. Something that’s been an issue since the start of SL. The only news about anything class related is generic uncapping of AoE.

We don’t exist to Blizzard. Even the aoe cap changes do nothing for us.

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Well the official patch notes are out and there’s no Shaman buff or anything similar to make Enhancement a less garbage spec.

Mage Tower very nice but I wont bother to play this crap until my class is fixed or 9.2 comes and there’s something nice to see there. I will waste my last 12 days of gametime expecting Blizzard to go down in flames.

Ion and his team can do nasty things to themselves in the meanwhile.


Well Ion said they were going to work on Enhancement in an interview just shows how easy it is for him to lie.

Atleast buff lightnig bolt, ele blast dmg. Pretty safe change

How about fixing the weapon buff and wf totem BUGS?

Apparently it’s too much to ask that the spec even play as advertised.

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I think they fixed weapon buff bugs in 9.1.5

They did? They don’t stop working in arena on ptr?

This is the first I’ve seen or heard of this.

It’s still happening on live.