They said new customization coming, maybe that could be part of it?

I hope it’s not just a few new colors.

Being hunched over is part of their heritage!

It’s just new skin colors according to the preview blog.



Still hunched…

For all we know it’s in the PTR build that’s supposed to be coming out today.

For something this heavily requested, it absolutely would have been announced in the blog.

Ugh, I’m hoping this isn’t only it. So much disappointment.

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Have you asked for tails?

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When did the Orcs see the chiropractor? That was added as an expansion feature in BFA?

Until then, I’ll just bump the post in support.

Let’s not leave out our fellow Worgen either. Straight backs for our furry friends as well.

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Give this thread some support - we will not surrender until our last dying breath! Bad news for Blizzard…we are undead :wink:


Oh hey, your helmet is back. Nice mog brother XD

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And my weapons too!

They also got turned into blocks.

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Still no upright Worgen either.

I guess it will be a option you gotta buy from the in-game shop in 11.0 per character for $60 or only available with next expac if you buy the Uber Mythic Collectors Ed. for $299.99

Because, again, it seems super dumb this rule of having to be hunched over is still being forced on Forsakken (and Worgen) players.

One thing that made me really commit to my lovely Orc Shaman was when he got to see a chiropractor.

Love my Forsaken baddie too but she would also love to not be hunched everywhere. She may be undead but she has feelings.

All horde races should be allowed to unhunch

Forsaken get to be taller

Trolls become scary gangly fellas cuz they’re taller than zandalari

Tauren just point their faces upwards


Bump for straight spine justice!

I actually made a “fixed” posture for undead video on reddit recently

Posture option someday pls blizz


I mean, did you see their heritage armour? Modern wow team not winning any awards for the Dark Lady’s children :joy: