Still no arcane buffs

The spec is in the gutter. At least in PvP. Not a peep from anyone. When will we get changes. our set bonuses do literally nothing either. cmon blizzard.


Love the meme as I use that same template everytime I describe the specs. I highly recommend reading Ludus Labs Stats of the pvp ladder season 3! They show the numbers as to how Arcane is Vastly underperforming in both 2v2 and 3v3 compared to all the other specs in the game. Very interesting read.


Outlaw isn’t really drowning. It has a solid position in 2s at least, haven’t played 3s myself but it’s probably not too bad. It just gets overshadowed by the other two specs, especially with Assassionation Night Fae committing war crimes with its damage.

Arcane not only gets overshadowed by the other two specs (Frost popularity increasing?) it’s also just bad. I don’t claim to be good at the game in any way, but 2s as Arcane has been completely impossible. The issue of some people having their 2 set/4 set on top of double legendary benefitting other classes more just compounded on the problems Arcane already had. Of course this affects every class across the board, especially ones whose tier set isn’t doing them many favors, but classes that were already underperforming are even worse off as the power discrepancy only gets worse.

Arcane mages already had our knees broken, now it feels like our feet got amputated too.


Imagine is blizz just had to Balance specs, talents, and gear instead of also including:

  1. Legendaries
  2. Legendary combinations
  3. Covenant abilities
  4. Conduits

5. Soulbinds
6. Borrowed power (like trinkets and legendary daggers/bow)


Add to that: Soulbinds & Borrowed Powers

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Son of a….yep.

While true, it is not a justification for Blizzard to just keep Arcane Mages in current state till 10.0+.

After all, there were already many threads what could be done to help them. Most common suggestions are damage increases to some abilities in PVP (not Arcane Barrage and Arcanosphere though), un-nerfing PVP nerfs to abilities made in previous expansions like Incanter’s Flow PVP nerf, making Clearcasting stacks undispellable and last longer and buffs to or made baseline Surpernova.

All of these suggestions aren’t hard to be implemented even mid-expansion and even with all the current systems present. Most of them affect mainly PVP and the damage bonuses to abilities can also be applied exclusively to PVP.

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I hear you, but according to these forums blizzard has screwed every single class. So they have their work cut out for them.

Well, they at least tried to do something. For example, they decently bumped Shadow Priests at the beginning of Shadowlands.

I just hope that they would implement at least some of these suggested buffs to Arcane Mages and in 10.0 will focus on improving base specs and their talents / abilities (with Arcane and Frost Mage being first in the list). There is very likely to be some kind of expansion power as well, but better if that would be just some effects than complement current abilities or talents. Legion artifact weapon passives (not the active ability though) are a good example - they just increased effects of existing abilities / talents or gave them a tweak like DB range increase. Something like that would have been a good option - spec should be viable without these powers, they would just make it play better.

IF a buff is coming, I don’t expect it to come anytime before RWF ends. Not even for PvP.

Both major contenders are already fighting Mythic Jailer, so maybe we won’t need to wait for a long period of time.

I honestly don’t know how you’ve played this spec at such a high rating the last few seasons. #respect

But yes please buff arcane (pvp)


we dont need another buff for mages they two of there specs are already good fire and frost. frost is super strong if u want to sit and cast one spell like a dh.

I’m sorry, what?

Druids have 3 viable specs for PVP (even 4 as Guardian Druid is the best tank for RBG). Why shouldn’t mages and other classes have all their specs viable as well?


How can this not be a troll?


I’m disappointed with the Set Bonuses. The mana regeneration is pointless, and a waste. 4 seconds added to Touch of the Magi? Is that all Blizzard could come up with? :neutral_face:

Why not have the set bonus affect our Arcane Charges?
1 Charge / 5% Haste
2 Charges / 5% Mastery
3 Charges / 5% Crit
4 Charges / 12% Intellect


The mana regeneration is a bit underwhelming. 2~3 guaranteed Clearcasting procs would’ve been a lot better and not only would it interact with helping with mana management, it would also be a good contributor for damage and the atrocious proc chance for CC.

I’m a bit conflicted with the other parts of the set too though. The 2pc got a hefty damage nerf during PTR and it only affects the TotM target, and the 4pc has the potential to make our lives even more difficult in M+ due to how TotM works.


Honestly I really only use TotM to generate charges. I’ll line it up with burst but it’s usually i’m fishing for charges…


The most recent tuning changes were directed mostly at AOE capabilities as the MDI is coming up soon, wasnt a PVP tuning pass yet.

However, as Ive said for awhile - Arcane’s damage in PVP just seems undertuned and could use some help. I know every arcane mage wants new tools, reworks, etc. but thats not realistic.