Still making us Pay for the clone? Stop trying to herd us into BC Stop it!

Again we get news saying if we want to not lose our progress we need to pay to clone our characters. This is vile tbh. Im sure the numbers would turn out different if you had to pay to progress to BC kind of like what I had to do when TBC first came out.

Making everyone guildless in the Classic servers is going to be a troll fest. Especially in RP servers. It seems clear the concern Blizzard has is not on its community or the Guilds that formed in them. This is a huge slap in the face to loyal players for the love of the game and catering to those that dont care what happens to those before them and just want more more more.

Blizzard at this rate my demographic is already thinking of dropping the game and not even thinking about Wrath thought I did enjoy it. You will probably charge us again and Im sure you are going to mess up Wintergrasp into the Nerfed version so its not worth it.

Let the cloning be free and let people play where they want without you trying to herd them in any direction. Blizzard your reputation will feel the hit if you dont turn from your greedy ways. We arent kids anymore, have limited time and can find another game like we did after most of us Quit during Cataclysm.


Oh here we go, a fresh argument!

Ok we can just remove em then and you can all go to tbc. Blizzard has no reason to do this server split other than for you. If you’re not gonna pay for it, why would they do it at all?

Are people too stupid to remake their guilds and rejoin? Maybe they should stay in classic…

I mean, from a consumer point I agree. But here is the reason, why should blizz do this at all? Just goes to show there is no pleasing this pathetic fanbase. Each time they do something it has to get split again by idiots like you who think they deserve their own little fairy tale garden of a game. You do nothing but complain about every single thing they do so why should they even bother trying to please you? You’re a whining, unpleaseable brat.

Go download a private server and make it into your personal view of wow.

Lastly, your pathetic empty threats of things such as “your reputation will feel the hit” is the same kinda people that come into a store and make threats at the staff as if you matter. You don’t, your threats only make you look even more laughable.


That “Free free, free free free” commercial is from TurboTax, not Activision-Blizzard.

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Seems you dont understand at all. The reason why Blizz should do this is because they promised the Vanilla players the ability to come back home. Not come back then get moved somewhere else guildless. Yes they should please their customers and fans and not just cater to the rush but also to the loyal players. I pretty much answered every smart question you asked.
If you dont care or are indifferent then just shush you way over to TBC. Obviously this topic isn’t for you or your line of “thinking”. You insipid nature is apparent and illustrates a waste of time to continue with you. A troll will be a troll.

So the major issue is, they cannot reform a guild? Am I getting this right?

You also interestingly ignored multiple other points so I guess you have no actual arguments. You should be happy you’re getting this at all, but instead, you still cry.

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The servers are moving on dude, copy your toon or dont its up to you.


You know what they’d do if they wanted to herd you into tbc? They’d not give you the choice to stay in classic. Yet they did, and still remain ungrateful. Lol.


And you have that option.

Uhh, you can choose to stay in classic for free already. Sorry you can’t get an extra max lvl character for free.


I personally also do not like the way they are implementing Classic Era servers and TBC Classic servers, with clones.

I’d much rather there be no clones, and the ability to upgrade a character to TBC Classic at any future date so desired. I don’t personally care whether there would be a fee associated with that or not.

Of course, that’s my personal opinion and it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on Blizzard’s decision-making.

This can be answered with technicals. The simple fact is there HAS to be a server split as prepatch cannot exist in a classic only server. So all the servers currently in use are going to tbc and a subsets being made for classic permanent.

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Blizzard didn’t promise to bring vanilla players back, I did!! Since you want to complain I’ll send you to MoP with the temporal discombobulator to grind Timeless Isle rep and show you true suffering.


Oh crap it’s that time travelling midget. Last time I ended up in felwood to grind furblog rep till the end of time…thankfully I got out on good behavior.

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No, your beard and mustache has extended your parole to a life sentence

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This is discrimination. You’re just mad my beard is glorious and tizzlewink liked it better!

I’m gonna turn into my dragon form, eat parts of you, then attach mechanical limbs, and dub thee “mecha-gnome.”


You don’t have to advance to BC you know.

I think the points you bring up, about the cost cleaning out the old world is correct and by design.

Blizzard is behaving very greedily. They got boosts in. The next few steps feel like excuse for -> SHARDING all realms together as well as WOWtoken for those who feel the economy is broken going in and want a chance + retailer surge who already play the game this way.

They will get most people in with costs, transfers clones etc. Then open fresh realms for the people so disgusted by the monetization to squeeze them for 6month subs of TBC with the collector mount. They will play it begrudginly and be closer on the realm for it, in a way.

Anything other than the above stated is a disaster. The team is bad but I can’t see how they screw this up unless they WANT to sue people for private servers. Predatory company afterall…

actually I wouldn’t mind if bc had a cost to entry, as it would help against bots

Those classic era servers are going to be dead as a doornail either way. It’s a far inferior version of the game compared to tbc.

And yet here you are, paying. So stop complaining on the forums and unsub if you want to make a statement cause your words are worthless.

Oh wait, I recognize this guy. Back for round two?

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