Still LF CE ? Or another kill? {A}Mythic LF Warlock only for this Tuesday night

I have 2 raiders that we are going back to get CE for on Tuesday 10-06-20.Losing our Loc to IRL commitment. So show me you have killed it already or show me you have gotten consistently deep in this fight . Our last 2 pulls on Wednesday were at 1 percent for 2nd kill. I only need a warlock at this point for Tuesday but you can go on back up list if you would like. Please discord only Horse#5014 Thank you

Or reach out to me (raid lead) in discord Zeack#4162

or you can contact me (raider leader ) as well in discord only at Zeack#4162

available all weekend to talk

Still looking

Still looking

Still have a spot for a Warlock for this CE kill

Still looking

Still have a spot open for Loc on Tuesday Night … shot at the mount too !!!

still LF a warlock for Mythic NZOTH kill tomorrow night (Tuesday)… chance at a mount too