STILL cant play game, dont want to fix it? fine

Its so ridiculous all the threads about latency for the past 4 weeks and all the people in raids complaining about game breaking lag, and its still unresolved, now we cant even upgrade our gear, the entire point of the game is gettng stronger and we cant even do that. Just want to keep laying off staff to save money while the game burns to the ground and you land up losing all your customers? FINE, doing me a favor, I need to quit playing this game and you made it super easy.


This is a troubleshooting area, not a direct point of contact for Blizzard developers, network engineers, or customer support.

If you need help reviewing a network test, people in this forum may be able to help. Alternatively, if you’re looking to give feedback, then you want to use General Discussion.


Below is a sample of your posting OP…

Ill just say this again, I play 2 toons same time, the area 52 one is almost always laggy while the garithos one has no lag whatsoever

This happen when you just play one account?

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Ya one or 2 makes no difference, its quite random too, I might be fine and then zone into a mythic plus dungeon and get hit with the lag. Problem is its happening all the time lately so can barely get anything done. Its not just me lol I wouldnt be here complaining if I didnt KNOW it was a widespread problem, theres many threads on this, so many people frustrated and cant play.


You probably need a new router. Was having issues like this a year ago and a new router cleared it right up

Its not my bloody router lol, I see the same thing no matter where I play from. Hotels, cafes, home its all forked. And its not just me, theres many threads on this and way more people in raids and instances saying the same thing.


It’s not his router, for gods sake. I have 1gig down 500m up, with top notch equipment. Speeds and pings to everything outside of WOW are fantastic.

I get in game and as soon as I get into a dungeon, or doing content, pings start to go up and lag starts.

It’s only this game. It’s not my video card, not my system, not my drivers. everything is up to date.


its almost always a 0 or super low home latency and then a skyrocketed game latency, its their servers.


There is 100% a problem, I used to get 240 ping , currently 300 home and world is 700ms… it’s been like this since the patch… 1 month at least or month and couple weeks… not sure what happened I’ve been playing for years never experienced this issue.

so 240 is fine to me. but 300 is unplayable and delay.

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