Still annoyed re Sap and Blind duration nerfs

This is from a PVP perspective. They spoiled the class when they did this.


It especially egregious if you play AV for instance. They have been systematically nerfing every single useful thing a rogue can do there.

Secondary entrance to the horde base? Closed off so hunters can easily defend with a flare in the only entry point. You don’t want them to strain too much.

Stealth capping? Nope, there’s a Npc over there that can see through stealth and 2 shot you because we can’t ask players to defend things themselves in a PvP battleground.

Sap and cap? Lol no.

You’re going to go in the big dumb Zerg somewhere in mid as a squishy melee and you’re going to love it.

“Stealthing to the back line of that fight”, you say? Hahaha no, everything is covered with a billion aoe and anyway your stealth will break for no apparent reason as soon as you walk within 20 yards of the fight. You can stand with the casters and spam throwing knife if you want to participate that much.


And this is saying nothing of the absurdity of Blind keeping its two-minute cooldown despite the changes or our kick duration being absolutely nuked into bedrock.

I remember seeing the notes at the time and immediately understanding them as a clever way to not only hard-nerf rogues without it seeming too wild of a hit to passersby, but also a clever way to set any complaints up for failure because of how unclearly rogues were being hit. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve complained about this being a ridiculous, tone-deaf, disproportionate nerf, only to be hit with the, “Yeah, but everyone was nerfed.” Like, suuure, but if everyone takes -10% in a situation where rogues take -20%, it’s really just rogues taking -10% in isolation. Stuff like this is what puts our class community under incredible undue scrutiny in the first place. We’re constantly nerfed, by design, in feint-y, gaslight-y ways, and then look like maniacs when we try pushing back – which also seems by design.

This also says nothing of - and not to get too far away from Blind/Sap, which is definitely a big deal as well - how crowded stun DR has become and how tone-deaf any nerf to kidney is in that context. I think folks generally underestimate how much we need our CC to live, let alone secure kills.


Yeah in BGs I never used Rogue for big damage. It was always turning the tide of a game with a sneaky cap or back cap. That is gone unless you pair up with another rogue. It’s so annoying they took that aspect of the gameplay away. Will never understand it.


I don’t PVP often, but when I do, I Sap, Blind, Cap.
I support this message.


Not any more.


Fair point.

I don’t PVP often, but when I do, I Sap, Blind, Panic Cloak & Vanish.


I don’t PvP often, but, when I do, I don’t I’m not really allowed to.