Still alive

Is the server still alive and well? How’s alliance and horde balance? Economy? Raiding and guilds? I have a 29 Human Warrior, I quit after a month or so because guild fell apart but I wanna come back. It worth it? Or start a new server?

Nearly all of the Horde have transferred off or are planning to transfer after they get their coveted PvP gear . A “/who 1-60” yielded 14 results today. No one raids, everyone is just sitting in queues for battlegrounds. Damn shame really. I’m sure the Alliance side of the server is much more healthy but I can’t speak for it one way or the other.

Dead server

Server is plenty alive if you play Alliance and want to raid. Other than that, ya, it’s the end of the game and if you aren’t in end-game then you missed out at this point. Play for TBC at this point.

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I had someone message me today asking what had happened to Incendius and compared rolling Horde now to playing on ‘hard mode.’ There are some people still invested in the server but as of now the best in terms of gearing out a new character would be from the preRaid BiS dungeon drops.

There’s fresh life in the Horde now on the server …APES are taking over baby …Try a /who in Drotar and see

It’s great to finally see horde again here. Hopefully they all continue to grow and we can have our world pvp back !

I think all the horde transferred off on the phase 3 free server transfers