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<Stickers> of Alleria> Is your guild talking about how awesome Classic is going to be? About all the nostalgia that they cant waitto get back into. Is your guild going to lose raiders or gasp stop raiding all together?! Not us! Some of our guild will be diving into classic but most of us will keep on trucking forward in Eternal Palace. If you would like to join, add me @ Belliun#1499 or the guild lead Shytpan#1232, or if you have any questions about the guild or environment feel free to ask.

What is expected of you

To know your class and to contribute to guild bank needs for flasks and raid consumables. You won’t have to farm for hours on end but everyone needs to do their part.

Discord is a must.

Currently looking for current roles -
Main Priority

Shadow Priest (Roughly 40 of them)
Disc/Holy Priest
Monk Heal
WW Monk
But ALL skilled players are welcome regardless of class

Raid Times -

Tue/Wed 630-930 cst

Hope to hear from you!

Still looking for a few dps and a possibly a tank!

BUMP looking for awesome DPS!

Looking to kill Ashvane Mythic!

bump great guild great people