Step 1 - Cash Grab. Step 2 - Grab More Cash

(Leatherfoot) #10

I’m using the definition where a cash grab is something you charge for that you shouldn’t.


You know you just need time on the account right? Whether its through a wow token you bought with gold or game time gifted by a friend. You don’t need just a sub. It’s not really much of a cash grab since you will meet the criteria that anyone else can meet if you are just playing the game.


I’ve had since the Classic announcement to come up with a list of names for multiple character. Unlikely all of them will be taken, so no need for me to sub early.


bruh why you so dam worried about blizzard… enjoy classic and stop complaining…

(Thundathys) #14

Really? You consider it a 'huge" headstart on the game?


Blizzard is re-releasing one of their biggest hits. They know it and we know it.

They’re gonna milk it.

However, you can only remaster your old games for so long.

(Crowlay) #16

OP is gonna be surprised when he finds out you need an actual subscription to play live Classic for realsies. Imagine a company charging money for a product or service.


(Leatherfoot) #19

They’re monetizing things they shouldn’t. That’s the point of this thread.

Um, nope. Known it would be sub based since classic was first announced as something they were doing. Never once even entertained the thought it would be anything less than a sub.



I’m only shocked that you’re shocked. I knew this was coming the day they announced Activision and Blizzard were partnering up.

(Hwanwok) #22

Based off how many times I have to see to people on whenever Blizzard announces a new game or new expansion and going on beta starts the next day and that next day is today and you didnt get invited to test, let me tell this, beta isn’t early access.

But back to the main point here, for your first point, you need to be subbed? yeah cause Blizzard want’s paying customers and not some customer who has played for a week and stop playing. However there are cases of Blizzard did invite people who never played or played wow and quit but now in the future, thats not the case. Again they want paying customers, especially who has been playing since 04 to test if they are doing it right. The first point isn’t that cash grabby by definition.

For your other point, again it isn’t that cash grabby if you wanted to play classic at launch, its practically a way if you want to reserve your name on the server before its taken, while yes you get to claim name head start but again, it isn’t cash grabby in my opinion either.

(Stellan) #23
  1. Not everyone (or even most players) will get into Beta. It’s a limited Beta. They always have been. The only time they gave everyone the opportunity to get into the Beta (MoP) it was a sh*t show.

  2. Only letting subscribers get into the Beta seems valid since those people are the ones most likely to actually play Classic.

  3. Re: character names, see 2.

(Brokenwind) #24

At least by paying for an early access, you end up with the actual product upon release.

Correct me if I am wrong, but to get to character creation you will still be dealing with the login server, which is where queues happened. You could potentially be fighting literal millions of retail player accounts trying to snag names the moment the service becomes available.

I was going to respond with the white knight gif, but this is more deserving of:

(Brokenwind) #26

Well, giving it to them for no additional cost has a lot to do with them trying classic. More likely to stay in classic however? Cite your sources.

(Renim) #27

Yea, they spoiled you

(Mathrenas) #28

Most likely yes, but there will be less people trying to reserve their names because of the 15 dollar entry fee. Also, the lack of actual game means the queue wont be as long if there is one to begin.

(Thundertotem) #29

So Blizzard’s not allowed to make changes to policy as they see fit? You might not like it, but it’s looking like Blizzard is fine with it or they would have done a 180 already.


One of the most meaningless accusations on these forums. Right up there with “shill.”

I’ll never understand how people can devote so much effort to hating every decision Blizzard makes, and yet still think they’re going to enjoy Classic WoW.

(Leatherfoot) #31

I’m not shocked. Just calling it out.

Debatable. Subscribers were the ones spamming the wall of no, while pserver players were begging for classic. You could easily argue non-subscribers are the target market. Now forced to sub if they want a chance at beta and early access names.

Almost as if we’re being inundated with trolls.

(Thundathys) #33

Names arn’t important.If I don’t get the name I want i’ll grab another,If thats taken I’ll rinse and repeat.

(Stellan) #34

I’m not convinced that Blizzard wants to be rewarding people who played on illegal private servers.