Steed nerf is kinda weird, right?

Steed of Glory being nerfed in 9.0.5 doesn’t really address the issue with prot pali healers- but it does nerf prot pali flag carriers.
That’s kinda weird since it’s already hard to flag carry as prot pali.

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How? They can self heal BoP themselves and talent to block spells! You wanna see hard to carry a flag try Blood Dk, Prot Warrior or Brewmaster.

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You can’t BoP while carrying a flag.


Yes I meant freedom ty

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I mean, sure, there are worse tanks for FCing… but compare prot to guardian druid. That’s the tank other tanks should be buffed to be on par with.

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Vengeance DH is the best Tank and best FC atm. Its sucks!

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I’d say vengence and guardian are both very good.

Then pali.
Then war.
Then brewmaster.

It just seems weird to go after the palis on this front.

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Prot Pld are the only tank class thats doing great in RBG and Arenas, Vengeance is doing great in RBG but I don’t think well in Arenas.

Meanwhile all other tank specs are complete dumpster fires.

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Not being able to bubble with flags makes paladins useless flag carriers.

Bubble and bop should at least reduce damage taken by 50% or something for a period of time with a flag IMO…

The steed nerf freaking sucks they hit me below the belt with that one like I don’t even want to play prot anymore…

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can confirm, having chi torpedo speed nerfed feels horrific with flag.

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Prot Paladin is probably the worst choice in the game for FC. They’re insanely slow, and half their kit is unusable while holding a flag.

As for the steed nerf, we’re already incredibly immobile compared to a lot of classes. But it is what it is, if they nerf Paladins enough maybe I can spend next season not hearing people rage at me for playing a class I’ve played on and off since Cata. Lol

This is literally the best nerf in the whole 9.0.5. Not because Prot Pallys bothered me that much, but because it was a stupid mechanic that lasts forever and is frustrating to play against in Arena.

No one should be immune to all CC running at 100% speed for 10+ seconds all the while casting other abilities.

Makes about as much sense as buffing warriors.

uhh what? You can’t use those immunities on yourself while flag carrying.

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They didn’t nerf it with flag carrying in mind. It was more of an arena nerf.

Third reply right after this I said yes I meant freedom.

Other tanks can get freedom from a Paladin so it’s not really something unique to Prot Paladins.

Now you have me tempted to spec my dk for “blood pvp” (lol) just to see how awful it is as a FC. I can imagine disarms will be major downers. That and the turtle like mobility.

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Prot paladins aren’t typically brought as flag carriers. They’re basically a fourth healer with huge utility that never dies, and they’re insanely good at stealing bases because their kit is just fundamentally broken. Blizzard nerfed the wrong things because they typically just throw darts at the pvp board with their eyes closed when determining buffs/nerfs, and the rework that is sorely needed to remove this cringe from the game would require actually paying someone to do it.


“Please give me the flag, I have better gear than you.” Warlock runs directly into a crowd of enemy players.