Steamscale mount not refundable

Wanted to refund the steamscale incinerator I paid for after realizing I got a free a one the next day. 2 different GMs said that’s not possible because I recently received a refund. Considering I’ve only ever refunded something one time a year ago this doesn’t add up. They then tell you to make sure your account is secure which I already know it is. No one will tell me what exactly this recent refund supposedly is or why it would even matter.

Now the free one I got can’t even be gifted to someone else, just spent on a region I’ll never play on. As if the thousands I’ve dumped on this game over the last 16 years means nothing.

when it comes to the availability of refunds, this is absolutely correct.

the amount you’ve spent on the game, has no bearing on policy.


Have you asked to see if a GM can do that? Wouldn’t hurt to ask.

It should mean you don’t treat your customers like garbage

They cannot.

Starscreamer, the previous order you had refunded was for the in-game mount: Squeakers, the Trickster. A refund was requested about 8 hours after purchase, approximately 5 months ago. (Ticket US70996232)

It seems you did the same thing back then, purchasing the mount that you were going to receive as part of the promotion. We don’t mind helping with mistakes, but refunds are usually only done as exceptions. If making the same mistake multiple times, it stops becoming an exception.

That being said, if you would like to pursue an additional exception in this situation you can reopen your ticket.


ah okay. :grin:

Thank you, I will reopen the ticket and see what I can get, but you gotta be kidding me if someone expects me to remember stuff from 5 months ago.

We don’t necessarily expect you to remember but that’s why we provide the reason in the denial - so you can go look if you don’t happen to recall.

I believe refunds do still show up under your account transaction history.

But yea, happy to clarify when possible :slight_smile:


:confused: :confused:

I feel it’s completely reasonable for a company you are doing business with to assume you remember transactions from five months ago.

Especially when the company has communicated to you that they cannot do (whichever service) because you recently requested and were granted said service.


Lets try not to jump to conclusions and respect that everyone has very different experiences that can influence them.

I have a pretty keen memory myself, but these last few months have really blurred together for me personally. I remember stuff happening but don’t precisely recall the time scale of some events (was it last week? last month?).

That being said, Starscreamer, I was curious and kept an eye on your re-opened ticket. It looks like it has already received a response and they were able to grant the requested refund. You should have a notification about your ticket on the support website as well as an email response.


I have the utmost respect for the experiences of others, just offering an independent observation in a jesting manner. That being said, I’ve edited my original post to be far more relevant and less superfluous.