Steamscale Incinerator region selection

So, bought an extended 6mo sub (was already on it, but didn’t see the memo about getting the mount within the next couple weeks, no biggy, though), and it just popped up in my gift icon on the bnet launcher. However, when I click “claim”, instead of claiming it, it asks me to select a region, and the options are Europe, Korea, or Taiwan.

I know I selected the correct account for the sub (which is a US sub) when I extended it, and that account is properly showing the extended date until next rebill, but the mount doesn’t want to redeem in the US region. Help?

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That is strange, Xaedys. I’m not sure why you have the restrictions. I’ve made an inquiry.

Alright, from what I’ve been able to find out, it looks like you were already granted the mount, as you had an active 6 month subscription. You then appear to have purchased the promo sub today, which I think may have caused this issue.

We might need to refund your more recent purchase to deal with that conflict, so I’d recommend submitting a ticket to have it looked at.

If I find out anything else I’ll be sure to update this thread.


Will do! /10char

Edit: ticket opened. The support system system had an automated refund option, but it had a big warning that it would cancel my WoW sub, and I didn’t want that to accidentally break me getting the mount the normal way, so I filed it as an Account -> Other ticket instead.

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I have this exact same problem. Already opened a ticket. I guess I’ll see what happens.

/sigh. As per usual, I think the CS rep that answered my ticket only half read it before replying. They gave me a spiel about needing an active 6mo sub to get it free (already had one), and completely missed the part about effectively having two copies of the mount, one already present in-game (checked that this evening), and one still sitting in my redeem window, of course unable to be redeemed in any region I actually play in. Also apparently missed the fact that I was advised to file the ticket by another CS rep on the forums, despite stating such clearly in the ticket. >.>

I posted about this same issue 2 days ago and I got a reply from you. I submitted a ticket about this problem…it’s been 2 days and no reply. Would you be so kind to make an inquiry for my account as well? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

I do not know what ticket times are running at the moment. Does your ticket still show as open? If so, they have just not gotten to it yet, and it should be soon. Hope everyone of you get this resolved soon.

I got a reply, and the TL;DR is that they can’t refund the purchase without canceling the existing sub (same issue as the automated refund option). The CS rep in my ticket said that the extra mount would be “cleaned up” by a script at the end of the promotion.

Since I was likely to be continuing my sub anyway, it’s no real skin off my back. But there it is for those of you having a similar issue.

@Vrakthris, I’d like to suggest having the website team implement some logic where, if you try to buy one of these promotions and you already have an existing active sub for that account that would earn it automatically, it display a warning message to that effect on the page where you confirm you want to purchase it. Would probably save you some headache, at least >.<

They pretty much cover that info on the purchase page:
“If you’re currently on a 6-month recurring subscription with a future renewal date, you’ll receive the Steamscale Incinerator as a gift in your desktop app at no additional charge no later than July 20, 2020.”

The CSR’s that monitor this forum are not charged with collecting feed back. If you would like to see some sort of automation around the purchase itself, I would suggest posting in the website bug report forum:


The Shop Feedback forum might be a better place.


I’m aware, but I did not notice that part of the purchase page until after I’d already purchased the extension. And as obvious from the others that have posted in this thread, I’m hardly alone in that.

You know as well as I do that that forum section is a black hole completely ignored by everyone.

Really? I dunno, just because they don’t respond to you doesn’t mean that they are not looking at the suggestions there.


I mean, the logout bug has been present literally since the new forums came online, despite a number of threads out there about it. If they are looking at that forum section, they’re ignoring it.

Or… knowing about a bug and finding, testing and implementing a fix for it might just be two entirely different things. They fix what they can as they are able to but not all potential bugs are easily resolved. Being able to reproduce an issue is often an important step in fixing it.

Personally, I’m not sure what log out bug you are referring to, not having encountered the issue myself your more recent post in the Website Bug Report forum wasn’t entirely clear for me. Hopefully they are able to figure out what the issue is so this stop happening to you.


Fair enough.

Incidentally, I noticed that my extra 6mo sub has been refunded (which is odd, I didn’t indicate that in the ticket), and that has “interrupted” my sub. It also looks like that revoked the mount I had had in-game, but I still had the one in the redemption system. I went ahead and redeemed that one, since it now had a US region option. Should I be worried about that one being removed at the end of the promotion period?

You should be fine, Xaedys. Just be sure to renew after the August date the GM provided if you don’t want to be immediately charged again.

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