[stealth] condition

I’ve just had a look at Subtlety for the first time in years and while setting it up I noticed that the [stealth] condition doesn’t work while Shadow Dance is active.

Shadow Dance
Allows use of all Stealth abilities and grants the combat benefits of Stealth for 5 sec.

It reads like it should work but doesn’t, so am I doing something wrong or it isn’t supposed to work?

The click line is to a Pick Pocket macro, otherwise it’s just a button for Stuns which works for all three specs.
Well other than the reason for this post.

/click [stealth] MultiBarLeftButton12
/use [spec:2,mod:alt,talent:1/3] Ghostly Strike; [spec:2,stealth] Cheap Shot; [spec:2] Between the Eyes; [spec:3,stealth] Cheap Shot; [spec:3] Kidney Shot

Change it to [stance] or [form]

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That’s a great idea but it doesn’t work. :frowning:

Weird, does in all my rogue macros

oh, you’re not specifying which stance/form.
I didn’t know it would work like that, I used form:1 assuming that no form is 0, like it is for a druid.

Not specifying the number means any non-zero.

For Rogues 1 is stealth, 2 is shadow dance

ahh, so that is why it looked like it would work as it changed in stealth but then didn’t for Shadow Dance.
I’ll hop on my rogue shortly and check it works for me too.

Thanks for your help.

Edit. Works like you said it would. :smile:

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