Stay Away!

Never group with an Orc Rogue named Dungplumb! He tried to ninja every rare drop in our SFK run. Stay safe out there!


This can be the forum page we all keep track of ninja looters and all around bad people. I’ve found plenty on Blameaux that think social interactions mean just being evil brats. And duel spamming u when they are 8 levels a head of u when you are questing

Tubwater - shadow priest ninjad a +healing only hammer from our groups healer and then proceeded to insult and throw profanity at the healer. After talking to him about it he said hell roll need on anything that is useable to him no mater what.

To be fair… what are the written rules of dungeon loot now?

By every rare drop, do you mean BoEs?

Because it’s entirely reasonable for the entire group to hit need on those. As twink gear, they’re going to sell for quite a bit once BGs are released.

Uh, going to have to stop you there chief. Need is if you personally need it as a mechanical upgrade. If your only need is the gold it’s going to get you on the AH now or later and you hit the dice button, you’re a dick.


Dungplumb has a terrible attitude and gquit after not getting lewt. He got reinvited on loot ban, meaning he got gear but was lowest prio, left guild again. Wouldn’t recommend depending on this person for anything. He will leave as soon as he’s upset.

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Hank Azaria called and wants your name back he’s going to play a rogue


Let’s get something straight

Everybody knows the dude that plays Hank Azaria’s kid is a much better actor