Stats for Fury M+?

What stats am I aiming for to be optimal for Fury warrior in M+? I see haste/mastery, but I also see crit strike too. Appreciate responses. Thank you

Fury doesn’t stack crit thanks to the total Recklessness uptime (and additionally First Strike under Korayn for Night Fae). It’s a nice stat to have, but not one you focus on. 22-32%~ haste, and as much mastery as you can stack.

Crit build can be nice at higher ilvls with Kyrian Spear, since it gives +25% crit damage. If you’re just starting out though haste is better for consistency in your rotation, rage building, globals, etc.

Koran huh. Wowhead may be a little outdated. It still says Nylia I think. Makes sense though. Thank you for the responses fellas

WoWhead is going to show the ideal raid spec, I believe they do bring up Korayn being the M+ go to though due to first strike. Basically if you utilize Fresh Blood with first strike to do massive up front damage to packs. It’s great in AoE scenarios which is basically the entirety of M+ aside from the bosses. It’s one of the reasons Fury is currently sitting at one of the best AoE M+ specs in the game.

Guides in general are very loose as to how stats actually work. Stat weights change when you hit various breakpoints. This leads to weird scenarios that can crop up when optimizing fury in general.

One the basic rules of thumb is you want at least 32% haste. This keeps your enrage up at all time by bringing you cooldowns and rage generation in line with it’s duration. Another reason for this is it increases the uptime of recklessness. The more you are mashing rampage the lower the cd is on Recklessness, which increases your overall damage. One thing that isn’t really covered is that 32% is actually one of the breakpoints being a softcap for haste. At this point Haste is actually weighted less than crit.

You want as much mastery as you can get. Mastery is one of those stats that never really lose power. Being just a flat damage increase to all damage in 90% of all occasions as with fresh meat you should always be enraged.

Crit takes precedence after the softcap is met. This isn’t really touched on much, but it is the case if you sim/use stat weight addons. I’ve found the sweet spot to be around 10-15%. Unless you are Kyrian, at that point you probably want 20-25% to go hand in hand with spear.

Verse is basically one you want to shy away from. It takes a lot of investment to even make the smallest % appear on your stat sheet, and basically performs the same way mastery already is for the spec.

Optimally speaking though, you want to equip highest Ilvl first, then worry about simming stats with equal ilvl gear. Strength in general with worth a crapton more than any of your other stats and will always be a direct increase to damage output. The rest can fall in line later.