State of Rogues

I am slightly worried about the state of rogues right now in TWW. Assassination already has a lot of requirements to do our AOE in mythic plus which requires a good amount of enerngy and restealths to sustain. I’ve noticed we have lost shadow dance which was one of our restealths that plus the energy problems at the moment may make it even harder to remain in our spec during mythic plus after we finally had a place where we were accepted.

Also, Deathstlaker just doesn’t work right with assassination at all. It feels quite clunky and adds even more micromanaging into a spec that already had a lot of management of buffs/debuffs.

I’m worried of a situation where we once again are expected to only play one spec for keys/raids due to hero talents that really don’t seem to mesh well or a hero talent that is all RNG based.


In all Honesty after trying to juggle several buffs and their timers on beta (Goes to 11 server for testing), then going to play a Ret Paladin… Ret plays more like an old school Rogue than the Rogue class itself.