State of Raiding

(Aumenahit) #1

What’s the current state of raiding? Is it still fun? Do RL’s still prefer ranged over melee? Is there still fat loot that makes it all worth it?

(Lissuh) #2

There’s a lot more melee than ranged playing at the moment, so naturally, the ranged players have a better chance with the player base being melee heavy.

(Abruek) #3

Not really, no Tier sets or well made trinkets takes a lot of a raid, especially when bosses like G’huun are so poorly made most guilds stop reclewrimg him because it isn’t worth it.

(Holymonky) #4

It is still very fun indeed, and all reports I’ve seen about the next Raid say the bosses are amazing and it’s a super fun raid.

About the ranged vs melee situation, Uldir was pretty melee unfriendly, and for some reason I also see more players wanting to play melee specs so there’s indeed more demand for ranged. I think the next raid is a lot more melee friendly but not 100% sure.

In terms of gear, well, yes there are some benefits but there are other sources of gear now too.

(Baltysalls) #5

Uldir for some reason has not been a favorite with my raid team. Our team is 12 to 15 people with full attendance. But that has been hard to maintain. We had alot of turnover.
Next tier looks good i hope we can get past the uldir burnout.