State of Enh Shaman in PVP

Yo, Im deciding between my Monk and my Enhancement Shaman for pvp in season 4 whats the state of the Enh shaman? I was hoping they’re still bursty as usual right?

We lose alot of burst potential due to the optimization of our borrowed power. The top builds of enh currently revolved around keeping wolves up with tier set + WDWB. So I would say it’s sustained with slight burst in SS procs.

Utility is very good, chunky off heals, purge, hex (if you can get it off), totems, etc

It’s one of the worst 2s DPS specs in the game. Possibly THE WORST 2s DPS spec in the game.

Blizzard refuses to give it a mortal strike or a good stun so it’s just not very effective at killing anyone.

At low ratings, the strong self healing can get you by. But if you’re looking to achieve duelist or higher in 2s, save yourself the suffering and go monk.

Outside of 2s, enhance is a good spec if you enjoy an off-healing and support role.

Monk is squishy with big burst DPS and not as much of a off-healer/support spec as enhance.

This is a good video to watch for thoughts on picking a spec that fits your playstyle:

How To Choose Your Alt & Class Archetypes Explained | Shadowlands 9.0 Guide - YouTube

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Honestly, Enh needs some sort of baseline cc protection CD, something like how warlocks get that CD for protection against interrupts and warriors get cc protection(of sorts) during bladestorm. Enh needs something similar.