State of Benediction Alliance AQ Event

I’ll start this off stating this is probably going to fall on deaf ears. However I believe it’s important that this whole AQ event and what happened on our server not be forgotten.
Benediction for classic wow has something like 55/45 alliance favored population. Little background my guild doesn’t care about speed running. We would rather have clean executed bosses rather than spending hours all week to get world buffs just to get a new record on our clear times. (That being said we still clear all of MC/BWL in like 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours? Depends how relaxed we are. which feels great.) It just didn’t make sense to us to spend 10 hours getting everyone buffs during the week just to clear the raids in 50 mins. Anyways we are self sufficient. We decided to not involve ourselves with the coalition. We don’t care about world bosses. There was some small concern about this AQ event and what the coalition planned. We expected to be stepping on their toes. However, at launch of the event there was little to no contest. We found a spot to farm and began to beat others on their tags. There was some killing of mind controlled alliance by an NPC in one of the caves. Which upon looking at it after the fact we decided it was probably better to not kill other alli, so we stopped. Nothing we did was outside the bounds of “fair competition”. Now with our higher numbers for alliance we controlled hive regal. Which is the best hive. Some disgruntled alliance felt that since they were losing tags to others they had to resort to asking the horde to kill other alliance and allow them to farm safely along side these weak alliance guilds. We know of 3 or 4 guilds that we recorded. Nothings concrete but after reporting the first guild and provided evidence we saw alot of those guild members go offline at once and were absent from Silithus. We then received a confirmation that our report had action taken against 1 or more. So we will/are continuing to do this when we see it. Upon calling out these guilds we they didn’t even deny it. Just openly mocked us for our “small shi**** guild” and that we wouldn’t complete our scarab lord (which we are ahead of our planned schedule as of typing this out.) They also openly discussed how dumb we were for not colluding either. Then on our discord server people started to accuse us of colluding and impersonating our guild in the server discord. Don’t ask me how that isn’t bannable on the server. We still get toxic comments even though we were the guild rally the alliance to retake regal everytime the horde decided to take it. Upon all this drama I started asking if this was the coalitions plan and why everything was so chaotic. Supposedly this coalition realized they were all going to be too greedy to work together and stopped coordinating before the event started. Weak. We are an alliance dominated server. There’s no reason other than personal greed and toxicity to collude with the horde. Imagine letting the greenskins kill your brothers and sisters of the alliance so you can finish your scepter before everyone else. When there really is no reason for it. We can all finish our scepters in time. Unfortunately these weak alliance gamers couldn’t keep up with the fair competition of tagging and resorted to cheating. Upon looking at these forums seems like its happening all over too. Blizzard should be taking more action on this.

Your guilds will be remembered. You know who you are. Rationalize it however you like. Keep trying to lie to the public to make us look bad. We will last. We will be killing Kel’ Thuzad while your guilds collapse from the toxic nature of it’s leadership. To all those who fought the horde for the scum that they are. Good work, you will also be remembered.

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Yeah, I’d rather finish the quest in 2 days and then make bank messing with people that didn’t pay for premium protection. Thanks for sharing though!

You might want to organize your post better, it’s really a long wall of text


Wall of text, didn’t read.

But honestly, any guild that can’t force control of a hive wasn’t going to have someone be Scarab Lord anyways. The people whining are mostly the same kind of people that were absolutely certain that they were PvP gods and would be getting Rank 14 for sure, but capped at rank 10 when they couldn’t take the grind any more.

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If it makes you feel any better you probably have plenty of time. Horde are slacking on the war effort.

weird flex but ok