Stat squish for legacy content

I know Blizzard made a recent change to up the hp of mobs in the game, but I thought it was to address leveling in Dragonflight content, not ALL content.

I copied a level 20 priest of mine from live to beta to test out the leveling changes to find out that my stats are really bad.

This is an Heirloom weapon at level 20.

I also wanted to show off that I would need to level 15 times to get one more stat.

I really hope this is being looked at and just an oversight when buffing the mobs in Dragonflight. If this goes live, you just lost all gear progression in older content and heirlooms will never be worth upgrading.


We are not doing a squish. The overall goal is for player-characters who are at level 60 today to log in at level 60 in Dragonflight with the same item level and approximately the same stats as they had before.

What we are doing: rescaling Chromie Time. In Dragonflight, Chromie Time now stretches from 10-60, so that players can choose which expansion they’d like to level in, and they can stick with that all the way to Dragonflight if they choose to.

So that’s going to require that we change some iLvls within that range to make it a smooth experience, but the endpoint isn’t changing.

There are definitely some bugs with this on the Dragonflight Beta and the PTR, such as your heirlooms, and we’re going to fix them up.


I haven’t done a whole lot of testing yet, but it also appears that the base stats for classes are also getting updated. I know when I was testing level 1 through 11 on a monk toon, the values had changed between live and beta. I guess I’ll hold off on leveling more toons until after next build at the earliest.

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What about quest gear rewards? Since there aren’t enough gear to help our toon to get stronger especially in BFA (Battle for Azeroth) content since there isn’t enough neck item rewards tied to questing and chest pieces and shoulder pieces and also helm pieces.

Can you guys confirm that you do intend to rescale Herald of the Titans and Mage Tower to fit under this new paradigm?


Mob HP in Legion (didn’t look for other xpcas so far) is currently 70% higher than on retail. Meanwhile stats on regular Legion loot are only at 50% of their retail value.


This is why it’s has to be fixed and rescale so that everything on launch will be balanced and all of that with no issue and also I hope they rescale old dungeons too.

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Continue playing the beta and testing legacy content and use the in game tool if you find anything that is out of whack. Even if the stats are lower, keep pushing through and see if it feels right, or if it doesn’t feel right, and submit feedback accordingly.


The only problem with this right is that the Chromie Time experience is broken. We have to wait until the fix is in to even continue testing content out.

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Does this mean that it takes ~20% longer to get to end-game again? Because leveling a new character already takes a long time at this point. I don’t think I should have to spend longer in the same content to reach end-game compared to SL.

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The intention is that it should take about the same time it takes to go from 1-60 on Beta than it does to go 1-50 on live. Actually, it takes slightly LESS XP required on Beta than it does on Live. On Beta it requires 2,086,405 XP total to hit 60. On Live it takes 2,163,990 XP total to hit 50.

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Really wished it was 2,020,400.

But this does not work for SL raid content. You will be around ilvl 300 if you raid, but the gear at 60 in the Dragon Isles starts around ilvl 200. It is not until Normal dungeons at level 70 that you get ilvl 350. It is not wortrh doing levelling dungeons in DF Beta if you have raid gear right now.

Why don’t you just start all DF level 60 gear at ilvl 300 and work your way up to, say, ilvl 400 at 70? That would be a good starting point for now items to grind, and it means nobody loses anything and everyone will start to replace their gear earlier.

Also, will all SL and lower expansion raids be adjusted to have easier less HP mobs?

Not sure what your post has to do with this thread. If you want to make a post about an unrelated topic, maybe that should go in its own thread.

You talkin’ to me?

I think you can see I replied to you.

Uh, it really doesn’t take that long to level with Chromie Time. I know because I’ve done several quite recently.

Class used BM Hunter.
Boss was Goroth in ToS Mythic

Beta: Current standard gear and loadout with no modifications
LVL 70 and ilvl 340 with a 40s ttk
Live 9.3: LVL 60 ilvl 272 with a 23s ttk
Live 10.0: LVL 60 ilvl 272 with a 44s ttk Boss was Goroth in ToS Mythic

Update: LVL 70 Full tier 5/5 ilvl 375 with a 28s ttk.

10-16-2022 update
Boss was Sky Cap’n Kragg in Freehold M0
Beta: LVL 70 Full tier 5/5 ilvl 375 with a 23s ttk
Live 9.3: LVL 60 ilvl 272 with a 24s ttk
PTR 10.0: LVL 60 ilvl 272 WITH A 40S TTK!!

If you arent doing a squish then why is this stuff broken? We should have been steamrolling Legion in SL and BFA in DF and i dont mean by the end of the expac i mean fresh 70 in questing greens at launch.


Went to my level 50 shaman, hoping to do Draenor and the bonus objectives there, to get to 60, but they are not showing up, despite turning Chromie time on.

Odd - I have a garrison there and everything and all the treasures and bonus objectives showed up for my level 50 in Chromie time. Can’t remember if I did any the first time around but would have thought I had.