Starting to think returning was a mistake

The only thing I can do is questing, pet collecting and BGs.

Not that any of these things are bad, but I can’t heal dungeons. I never know what’s going on and if you ask a pickup group for help, they’ll just kick you. They aren’t here to hold anyone’s hand, and they aren’t going to.

There’s no LFR, so I can’t do that, either. So, really, what can I do?

The biggest thing I can suggest is to find a guild. Seeing the same group of people every night lets them get to know you and they will be a lot more likely to help you learn how to properly heal. There is a very high chance you’ll find expert players of your own class in a guild as well who would be able to offer a lot of advice on talents, spell priority/rotation, stat priorities, enchants, etc.


A BIG help for me was to go to the UI and use “Raid style frames” in a party. It’s a nice rectangle and move them to a good spot on your screen where you can mouse over everyone easily and quickly. The default position way on the left is impossible to react to. You can even make the party frames go horizontal above/below your main spell bar. A clean UI is key to fast adequate healing.

I say find a guild take some time later and scroll through the guild finder. Dont join one of those that have 100s of folks but a mid size one. Plenty of people willing to help out.

WoW is all about who you play with. Find a group of like minded people and play with them. It took me a long time to realize that if you want to do group content, finding the right people to play with is an absolute prerequisite and might be more important than any in-game aspect.

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I think returning was a mistake for me as well, but mostly because the game is down so often and they can’t even get their game in order. Multiple long maintenances a week and still bugs everywhere and issues. It’s just frustrating.
Also your name isn’t really indicative of people giving you benefit of the doubt or being polite considering it’s healsyousuck.

But in general I have only gotten kicked 1x and that is because I got lost in a dungeon and no one helped me so they kicked me. But i was on dps. As a healer or tank people normally give you benefit of the doubt in my experience and if not its just a few minutes and qeue again. As a healer ya spam heals and don’t stand in mechanics.

Overall the community is not warm or welcoming and most dungeons ppl dont even talk to each other - mix that with constant game down and issues and yeah have to think returning was a mistake, not because there isn’t anything to do

There are even guilds dedicated to helping people learn the game. There’s no guarantee one is on your specific realm, though. Look through the looking for guild section here in the forums. If you find one that you think you might like, it might be worth leveling a toon on their realm to be a part of their guild.

Get DBM or BigWigs to do dungeons. In normal queue during leveling, you can wing it. I did. And the things you need to know will be told to you by DBM and BigWigs.

DBM is probably a little bit better for you, as it holds your hand a lot more.

You have plenty of ilevel, so you’ll be fine. I know this might seem risky, but I’ve had a lot of luck with this. I simply say “hey guys, learning how to tank, bear with me.” I’ve been doing this since MoP and had great experiences. People offer help or they simply say I did fine.

The normal and heroic queues are pretty lax, and usually you’re grouped with some undergeared players so it was going to be a slow run anyways. People don’t usually get upset in those low stake dungeons.

What you will likely find is that tanking is way easier than you thought, but it will take a little time to move on to more difficult situations.


If you have some friends, ask them if they’d like to run some dungeons so you can practice tanking. This is surefire way of getting good feedback.

You’ll be fine. I’m a god awful player but I manage fine as a tank.