Starting to catweave as resto druid


As a resto druid im wanting to start catweaving in dungeons to help them go faster.

Ive looked at a few guides and it seems understandable.

A big question i have is should i be in boomkin form to apply moonfire / sunfire or is applying them in caster form the same ???

Any other tips / suggestions / get good advice ???

Thanks for taking the time to read this and see you on the battlefield !

I don’t see anyone going boomy unless they’re planning on starfiring.

I only use boomkin to flap because I don’t spec into wild charge.

Edit: the above is only true when I’m playing resto. Just for clarity.

Do i put the aoe dot on bosses ?

I do. I attempt to keep kitty dots and moonfire and sunfire on adds. Sometimes it’s not worth it if the adds die too quick.

But you can send out HOTs, pop treants, and focus on damage while healing continues.

I usually use prowl to go into cat form. I only use bear after incap roar or to soak a big mechanics. I usually go from cat to caster form by casting a heal.

Edit: two points:
I’m super casual, you do keys about the same level as me so I’m not some expert.

Second, I love your transmog

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Thank you!

This may sound like a dumb question, but is the restoration druid more or less supposed to function like an affliction warlock? Instead of DoT’s it’s HoT’s blanketing your team?

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Kinda ya. And not a dumb question.

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