Stale server

Is it just me, or does it feel like the server population is stagnate or decreasing at a rate soon we may need to merge with another server?

well according to your server is about 1k horde and 1k ally raiders… of course this is just raiders but its about right for OG vanilla. I know because I am considering moving characters here to play on a lower pop server for when TBC comes out and there isn’t 10k people in hellfire peninsula.

There’s actually a bunch of new smaller guilds on the server. I’ve met a couple players that were new to the server while leveling an alt, which was pretty fun to see. While Ashkandi did lose a portion of it’s raiders due to transfers, I think that the raidint scene is doing fine, especially with all the BWL/MC pugs going on every week. And thanks to the organization of the rallying cry, we can see how many people get the buffs everyday.

TLD: i think we’re gonna be okay

Ps come do dungeons

TBH… i think your server is gonna be in a perfect spot come TBC classic… not too many people crowding outland… Yall are gonna be busy questing and leveling while everyone else is complaining on the forums.