Stalagg is dead

I have no problem finding wPvP and there’s nothing more fun than dominating a Horde advantage’d server and holding BRM every night because silly Horde guilds are so petty with one another they can’t organize.

Alliance on Stalagg is a blast right now honestly :slight_smile:


Yeah, it seems fine for alliance, except during peak times. Just don’t go to Heartseeker, server is actually not worth it.

Nov 12- the final nail in the coffin approaches. Farewell casual Alliance players, whatever of you were left.

Level 60 horde camping west fall
level 60 horde camping redridge
level 60 horde camping wetlands
15-20 horde contantly camping at SM
level 60 horde camping STV
level 60 horde camping the entrance to uldaman
level 60 horde camping from atop the arena roof in tanaris
Several level 60 camping Searing gorge
4 level 60 horde camping in unguro….

this is my experience, this is likely everyone that’s left’s experience… yall never 1v1 tho that for sure. Never within the same few levels… yall did it to yourselves. I didn’t leave simply because you are all scrubs 1v1. Give me a healer and we can 2v5 you no problem. you made your bed by abusing us.

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If you are level 60, I get ganked all the time by skulls. Today alone i have been killed double digit times and also camped once. Although I did dishes, laundry and other stuff for the 30 minutes i was camped in Arathi highlands today.

If she wasnt ded before, she ded now!

So whos bailing now?

If Horde want PVP, they should xfer to Heartseeker. 65:35 alliance favored

heartseeker is a dead server mate, no chance we go there LMFAO


As a player on heartseeker, please explain how Heartseeker is dead.

Oh wait, you can’t. Because it’s not dead you moron.


Horde side on HS is really quiet. We only have a few guilds actively clearing raids each week. It isn’t too bad, what is terrible is the balance above 50-55ish. We are already near 80/20 if not worse.

I implore no Alliance to transfer here, and we dearly need more Horde. It’s a moot point now though.

I hope Horde from Stalagg join your ranks for everyone’s sake!

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Me too brother, it’s pretty rough here. I see you’re ally on Stalagg and hope not too many ally leave so it doesn’t get worse for both of us. Horde need to leave the massive horde bias servers and come to HS to help the entire community.

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I think we have a solid core right now. If people didn’t transfer sooner, i have the feeling they won’t later beside lone wolves. Though, i would understand the Horde would be frustrated and transfer. If you never get to encounter an ally during phase 2 because they would park in IF. Being zerged is not funny. As it get’s old real fast to zerg 10v1, i think.


That’s really good news, I hope Horde sees it will be impossible to rank or enjoy WPvP and makes the right choice to transfer.

Seriously, people that stay on the massively overwhelming faction and don’t transfer shouldn’t even be on a PvP realm. They obviously just want PvE with no strings attached ganking.


Can confirm. I enter Ironforge daily and it’s dead. I literally have to go to IF to get pvp.

blizzard’s incompetence with all this has me convinced they’re just trolling

goto heartseeker and join the pvp goodness.

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If you horde playing on this easy server think you are good and up to a challenge them come xfer to heartseeker. We currently are facing alliance domination and will guaranteed become worse since the little alliance left on your server will come here which will make Stalagg server DEAD AF.

But this can easily be changed if some of you honorable horde who like to fight for their lives and don’t require the luxury to AFK and destroy ally in front of UBRS/MC/BRD entrance to have your “fun”.

YOU GUYS CAN MAKE THIS SERVER GREAT. Better than Stalagg will ever be. Get out of your comfort zones and come to heartseeker!!


Yo, any horde looking to xfer, please consider Heartseeker. We are currently 1:3 horde to alliance… might even be a bit more lopsided. Its a pretty good horde core group imo. It would be nice to have a few more horde 60s to even things out. Heartseeker would definitely be the place if you are looking to mostly pvp. Ranking would be a whole lot easier then other servers. Anyway, we would love to have you.


start a campaign to get people to census your server then bruv because every census out there has it at lowest amount of 60s. doesn’t even matter that every census is wrong, its all people see and they believe it.

all destination servers are unhealthy refugee servers sorry about it mate. don’t worry they’ll offer free xfers back at some point i’m sure

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