SSD? Do we have to upgrade or computers every xpac now?

SSDs are very cheap and very easy to install. They’re fairly old tech now. No excuse not to have one.


If Shadowlands has us teleporting all over the place like BfA did, then I would suggest an SSD. I tried to install WoW on my Hdd and switched it immediately.

You’ll be able to play on a HDD, the load times will just not be great.

Though it’s not like a SSD is cutting edge technology anymore. SSDs are low priced enough you can more than afford them in a budget PC.

SSD’s are very cheap right now, probably wont need to replace it for another 8+ years when a better drive may be out depending on how much tech advances.

They updated the requirements, it will work on an HDD or SSD.
Please use the search function, we have at least a dozen active topics on this already.

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Yes, you absolutely need to upgrade your entire computer every expansion. Take all the parts, and throw em right in the trash. You can get a 128gb ssd for $19.


The text of the Systems Specifications for Shadowlands was updated a few minutes ago on our Support Site:

The minimum requirements section for Storage now reads:
Solid State Drive (SSD)
100GB available space
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
100GB available space (depending on the performance of the drive, player experience may be impacted on HDD)

Please note: the System Requirements for this game may change over time.


And with google I found a

SanDisk - Ultra 512GB Internal SATA Solid State Drive

for 65 bucks


I bought a 220GB SSD on Amazon for around $35ish, I can’t remember the exact price. It’s not the fastest SSD but my load screens are usually only 10 to 20 seconds long in game. I just have Windows 10, WoW, Minecraft, Skyrim, Chrome, and Twitch installed on it. I still have around 90GB left. It was also super easy to install. Since it’s a SSD, I didn’t even mount it.

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There ya go, see you don’t even need a ssd anymore. No additional crying needed.


The minimum requirements have always been suggestions. It’s not like the game will detect your computer doesn’t meet them and refuse to start. It just means the game won’t run optimally. I run the beta off of a HDD and it runs fine, the load in times are just atrocious. When the prepatch launches on retail on my SSD it will just load faster.


Haha. I’m amazed this SSD thing blew up so badly that Blizzard updated the minimum specs.

Really though, y’all should spend $28 (or more!) on an SSD.


It will run on your HDD. I imagine they suggest an SSD simply because the different zones are not in the same instance, so you will be hitting more loading screens than previous xpacs. To negate that, get an SSD. They’re not expensive anymore by any means.

I figure anyone who pays a sub to play a video game can very likely afford 50 bucks to play it better =/

Maybe the 16 year old game is ready to introduce new elements to evolve the game? With the way people are acting, you’d think they’re being requested to get a brand new PC.

I don’t think a game recommending an SSD after 16 years is some substantial or rapid change… At what point are upgrades allowed to be recommended, OP?


Seeing as my video card doesn’t meet the system requirements, a Radeon RX 550 4GB, 560 is minimum, I’m hoping the game will at least run on low settings around 50 or 60 FPS. All my other hardware meets the game’s system minimum. I’m hoping Santa will bring me a new video card for Christmas.

There will ALWAYS be complaining. Followed by shopping.


Well that was a good change. Thanks Kaivax. :hugs:

They should. A 240 GB SSD is pretty cheap nowadays.

BfA didn’t make you purchase anything unless your computer was over 8 years old when it came out.

There comes a point where it costs more money to try and support every toaster out there than it does to raise the requirements.


When buying a new computer, remember this: HD’s are essentially obsolete.


The system requirements have gone up for every single expansion…

Starting to believe there’s just a lot more folks just looking for something to get bent about these days… and bend easily…