SS in 10.0

Kinda curious what they will do with it. While its trickier with kyrian and thus a little more skill based, a general consensus (i believe) is that SS is tricky to balance and shouldn’t have been brought back

So will they keep it next xpac or change it for something else. A lights wrath/mind games type ability might be useful and may give evang a run for its money plus useful in keys.

It’s perfectly balanced as it is right now. There is no reason to remove it. 9.0 Spirit Shell is long gone. All of the complaints people had about it have already been addressed with 9.1. Disc priests have a choice now. Throughput, or absorbs. Not both. Outside of KT you ain’t topping the meters with either anyway.

I have absolutely no faith in Blizzards ability to balance healers for keys. I’m sure they’re keep it as it is but buff our atonement/damage to balance the loss of Mindgames/Boon. With the low cap on Spirit Shell nowadays and the ridiculous amount of healing Evangelism already does there’s really no reason we can’t have our old atonement transfer rate and damage back.

Bliz need to massively buff either the damage or atonement transfer rate of disc’s core spells, as well as schism, to make up for the loss of covenant abilities. Spirit shell is the reason every spell in the kit got nerfed by 30% in beta, that at least needs to be reverted.

If, for whatever reason, spirit shell prevents them from sufficiently doing that, then it should go. If a more knowledgeable developer with more time and understanding of the spec could balance both separately would be besides the point.

They just need to bring back MoP disc without divine aegis. Give back Prayer of Mending, revert atonement to be a smart heal like monks’ ancient teachings of the monastery, make archangel a pve talent again and turn power word radiance into prayer of healing again. The only reason disc was broken in that time period was simply because of divine aegis absorbing all the damage.

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and pws spam, you kinda forgot that part too :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed cata disc a lot but i prefer current disc better. I do miss prayer of mending though

You remember atonement transfer was 60%? I think it wasnt just SS but how disc was doing in keys too. They were nerfing then, then brought in SS after lights caress was a failure, and didn’t listen when we said it would get out of hand.

In that case, they should just remove PWS and rework rapture. Upon use, Rapture also turns into PWS. This way they can keep an absorb CD without it being their entire throughput and disc can keep its niche of absorbs without being too OP. I do think MoP disc without divine aegis would be wonderful. I never thought they would bring it back but hey, if they are basically going to do that for monks then why not?

Absorbs are almost impossible to balance because mitigation > throughput by leaps and bounds. CN lead to the meta of stacking Disc Priests to mitigate half the incoming raid damage.

Might as well just delete disc and only have Holy.

Blizzard must have done the impossible this tier then because Disc priests overwhelmingly choose Evangelism over Spirit Shell in Mythic SoD. Even during the race and in two disc scenarios both were taking Evangelism except in a couple rare scenarios on some bosses.

But obviously not then if disc chose overwhelmingly to go evang.

But SS as a shield is less effective against a higher health pool that we have now where healing becomes more effective versus CN

I want them to remove it, but not sure what they will replace it with. If It’s a trash spell like Luminous Barrier then no.
I don’t really mind SS right now tho, not like it’s better than Eva but that depends on borrowed power in 10.0.

Like to see mind game/lights wrath. i think can still be viable for that big burst heal in raids like in legion, atonements schisim lights wrath burst with evang still having its place on fights with more rolling damage, and in keys it will be viable against leniency