SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


delete this tread


you mean buffed sense its more accurate now? yea way to show you don’t understand how the addon works shart the shorten range makes it better not worse. way to go shart


The addon is practically already broken I have to be basically standing on a hordie or target them for it to notice them.


if they don’t cast anything or have any auras its not gonna ping the add on it never did.


I hope they break it… dont know how they can , but i hope they do.

Altho it is ammusing watching a mage change their behavior completly because spy told them i stealthed on the other side of a big hill. (They otherwise have no idea i was there)


lol remove the combat log…


The spy add-on is bad, the only real way to adapt to it is to use it, simple. As a noob Rogue it was pretty easy to see why a Mage hunted me down, directly out of nowhere, on my exact coordinates from nowhere he could have possibly known, and found me. This add-on makes everyone a hunter. I honestly don’t care either way, I’ve already figured out the game, but it’s certainly not a good add-on


People dont know how this addon works if u think it lets u see stealthed players. If they are within range of your combat log (50 yrds) and use an ability out of stealth then their name pops up. If your 51 yards away and do anything your name wont pop up. If your 50 yards away your almost in my frostbolt range so u better believe i already see u at that point. If your in stealth before then your name isnt going to pop up


No you’re right it doesn’t, but it let’s you see they’re exact coordinates on the map so that’s easy to find. Load up your map quickly and do it. I can’t quickly stealth if i see a bunch of 60’s rolling by


If there’s 60s rolling by your level 39, you’re dead no matter what you do; stealth or not.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Spy puts your exact coordinates on the enemy’s map/mini map, does it? It just says “last seen xx,yy”. By the time I open my map and navigate my mouse over to xx,yy, the enemy would be long gone.

I’m a Druid so I use track humanoids in combination with Spy. So for me, yes I do get the enemy red dots on my mini map.


It gives exact coordinates


Well yeah, I said that. “Last seen xx,yy”. But it doesn’t put a red dot on the mini map for you to mouseover.


It gives your coordinates and not the enemies. Please stop posting misinformation.


that’s how the game is, before Spy people would have their combat logs open in other windows as an early warning system. Removing things you don’t like is not the way to fix an add-on issue.


your welcome. good read. i agree

(Yzzami) #197

People with it were posting coords of Alli in chat, has it been nerfed to not do that then?


I never said mini map, but I see why that was misconstrued. Spy can quickly locate someone, give you the location (coordinates), then you just mouse over your map and quickly check the coordinates


Trust me, this isn’t misinformation


And like I said in my initial post… By the time I mouseover my map and finally locate the xx,yy coords, you’d be gone or long gone.
There is no such thing as “quickly” check the coords lol… At least I’m speaking from my experience of WoWheading quests and having to go WHERE’S WALDO on my map.

Some people can’t even figure out NWSE yet… Just kidding!


I am not going to get into an argument with you. I used this Addon back when it was initially released. I have not looked at the latest version. There is no way to get an enemy’s or npc’s coordinates. The coordinate(s) is the player’s.


Ahh, I see now. Does not understand how things work and assumes.