Spring Fur Alpaca (Friendly) 7th day no mount?

Didn’t know that but boy is there a need for that one.

The quest itself states it’s completed when you feed the Alpaca in a raid group though.

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The issue is it does complete the quest if you’re in a raid group, but (allegedly) doesn’t give credit for it. This means that even if you wanted to you couldn’t turn it in without a raid group that day. It also gives no indication that the turn in doesn’t count.


My wife just completed her seventh feeding quest and didn’t get the quest for the mount, we’ll try again tomorrow after reset and see if the next quest pops. She didn’t start feeding it until after the hotfix last Wednesday, so the potentially-reset previous progress some people reported hopefully isn’t the issue.

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I’m hoping that’s the case too. Although if the progress was reset, it apparently didn’t take for some, because I’ve seen people actually GET the mount (and yes, in a raid group) as early as last Thursday. Which begs the question: When, actually, was the reset?


Hey there! Game Master Kieulas here!

I read your ticket about the Springfur Alpaca and Gersahl Greens!

At the moment, completing these feeding quests in a raid group will not provide any credit for your feedings for this Alpaca - just like completing most other content while in a raid group. However, it’s pretty confusing for this situation specifically, so our Dev crew is working on changing it up for this Alpaca in the future.

For now, continue feeding the Alpaca while not in a raid group and you’ll earn credit normally and eventually pick up the mount! If you’d fed the Alpaca while in a raid group multiple times, you might have some catch-up to do.

But, that’s one hungry Alpaca, so you’ll eventually receive the mount - just keep at it!



They really shouldn’t allow the quest to be completed in a raid if it wasn’t going to actually count (at least for now).

More bad feelings about 8.3

They could have avoided this confusion entirely if they had of told us about this change back when they fixed the exploit lmao


Yikes. Just yikes. That’s simultaneously understandable and yet completely bogus. If the quest, like most content, was not actually completable in a raid group, that would be fine, and obvious. You’d get to the alpaca and couldn’t turn in the quest, and realize the mistake of being in a raid group.

But since we can turn in the greens, and are then locked out of turning in the quest again until the next daily reset, with literally no way of knowing that we’ve wasted an entire day’s progression toward the mount until we fail to get the mount after an entire week because we’re not credited with some hidden feed-counter ticking in the background, that’s just abysmal. Adding to that the fact that the Vol’dun alpaca is obtainable in a raid group and it’s just a matter of having the right thing to feed it and finding it once, we’re getting mixed signals as to whether or not this ever was supposed to be completeable in a raid group. Originally we could and people were getting credit for other people’s turn-ins, that was obviously broken and hotfixed. Now we don’t get credit for our own.

I never thought I’d be the one to say it, but… at least when we finished the quest for the sodding S.E.L.F.I.E. Cam, we got the stupid camera. 8.3 is the hottest of messes.


pretty upset about this to be honest. but seems on par with the patch roll out


sigh I’ve been dropping out of the raid group to turn in just in case but I don’t think I did it every time. I wonder how long it’s set me back? I was looking forward to taking it off my laundry list of thing that need to be farmed this patch.

This just happened to my husband and me… The only reason why we found out that our last seven days of alpaca searching was a complete and total waste of time was because someone in-game was nice enough to post a warning on the group finder. I am angry and I wish that they would credit the mounts to those who did the quests, especially with all of the other crap they have put us through. So many bugs: Spirit Drinker still doesn’t work. The Titanic Egg, broken. Some mysterious click quest in Uldum which has an invisible clickable item, but nothing else in sight. That 10 minute announcement before the game came down on Saturday… only for no explanation as to why it had to happen then and why it was extended multiple times (if it was for the mail, it is STILL listed on the launcher as a problem). What is going on?! Communicate with us!


Honestly, just one more reason what this game is going down the sewer

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One of the positives of the patch was supposed to be for mount collectors. Even that was botched? Ouch.


Me and my boyfriend did it for 7 days in a raid group and I’ve had friends not in a raid group and havent gotten it either?

Hhh really? Do I have to do it again or what?

Raid quest credit was added on the 22nd on the 7th feeding it will have a yellow quest mark over it and it rewards the mount.

Handed Gersahl greens in for the 7th day today and the quest reset to 0/7. No mount. Great stuff /sigh

Does it have to be 7 consecutive days? Someone told me it does not have to be.

I skipped a day and still got it after my 7th non-raid-bugged feeding.

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As of whenever they patched the quest to give credit whilst in raid I can confirm the following:

  1. You can do it whilst in a raid.
  2. It does not need to be consecutive turn ins.
  3. You only need 7 greens. Not 8.
  4. After the 7th turn in, you will immediately get another quest from the alpaca. This quest will give you the mount.

Ah, nice Trust. I am at two turn ins, with that Alpaca. I did not KNOW, after the FIRST then you see a blue ! on the Alpaca for the successive ones (makes it WAY easier to find. ) I was just cruising by an area last night, thought “Why is a daily quest giver way out here?” They I about soiled myself!

No need to hide, in your shyness, you did well! :wink:

I just did this mog, took me some time to find a weapon that looked OK and did not also obscure my face!