Spriest life swap into iceblock

God dam free heal ya buggers…

Pretty sure you can cloak it also, probably deter it. Wonder what hapens when you spekl refectbit.

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Play double spriest mc the healer an life swap the enemy healer at 10%

Is this a thing?

It’s not broken if it’s what you mean, using 2 5min cooldown is more like a last resort

Yup should work. Just like using MC against an enemy Hpal while having an Hpal on your team, you can then BoP the MC’d enemy and put him on forbearance. Really useful for double casters to deny the bubble :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s nuts.

And here I thought mc’ing people in vanilla with a mage portal to your capital city was a r1 play.


I would actually laugh so hard if I saw that.

You can temp a life swap as well. I’ve been thinking of leveling a priest for shadow lands

hey i saw this shadow priest use focus iris instead of life swap is this a life hack?


Bro you said you were gonna stop saying this. Give me that 150k gold back.


I said I would and you said not to!!!

Explain this to me?

I had an alt mage in vanilla and would run around with a priest. We’d be in a party and go find lowbies. He’d MC. After that would complete I would put down a portal to org. He’d run the lowbie to the portal and click it.

It wouldn’t always work. We would have to drop group and redo the setup while the lowbie was sheeped. My priest friend was saying something was wrong and I can’t remember all the issues he would run into. But if we dropped group and retried over a time or two it’d randomly work again.

I tried it in classic with this guy and I could never get it to work. I remember it was critical I cast the portal after the mc was complete and tried my best to replicate it in classic but never could. I even tried being in a raid group but the portal icon was always grayed out.

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you can also temp shield lifeswap

u can temp a swap as well btw

This will never get old.

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You can, it’s a very small window though. I’ve only done it once.

“Good thing you swapped our Druid there instead of casting Focusing Iris” - Auz after a win last night.

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I just don’t understand why void swap is a 5 minute cooldown. It is exceptionally good, but idk about a 5 minute cd.

Yeah, that’s why I typically hold onto it for the next game.