(Spoilers) Devos' reasoning?

I get why she’s rebelling against the memory stuff in Bastion, and rightfully so there. What I don’t get is why she joined with the Maw? The Uther video before release had the spark that started her rebellion being warning the Archon that Maw magic had found its way to the mortal realm, and the Archon not heeding her. The entire reason she started was because Bastion was not doing anything against the Maw. How does that lead to “I will now join the Maw”?


Presumably her reasoning will unfold over the course of the Bastion covenant missions.

It doesn’t lol

it’s just angst really

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If you won’t listen to me about the evil… then I’ll join the evil! Now you’ll listen!


I mean, given that we believe she is rebelling against the system, and the Jailor’s whole deal is to break the system, following him gives her a chance to achieve her ends.

The leap from “maybe kyrians should be encouraged to keep their memories, and at least be able to view their memories again from the archives we keep” to “actually lets kill the archon and force everyone to be forsworn and help the Jailer” makes no sense though

Like the memories of ALL Kyrians that they let go of as they do their process are kept in the Mnemonic Locus and can be reviewed in the Walk of Reflection via Soul mirrors.


Was this the starting point for Devos? From the Bastion cinematic, it seems as though she already questions the system, based on the look she gives the other Kyrian when he tells her to “Trust the Path.” Not enough to go against the system, at least until the incident with Uther. When the incident with Uther came around, the Archon made a choice that Devos believed was blatantly wrong, enough so that she rebelled and went directly against the orders of the Archon.

From there, it is not so big a leap to think she might join the Jailor, at least till she gets what she wants out of him, similar to Sylvanus. While the Uther cinematic showed she has no love for the Maw or the Jailor, it doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t aid his side if it won’t help achieve her own ends, which is the dethroning of a leader not meant to rule, such as the Archon.

Except the reason she disobeyed the Archon in the first place regarding Uther is precisely because she’s worried about Zovaal’s influence in reality.

And she… joins Zovaal? An Eternal One she has no hopes of defeating? Something she is surely aware of.

Again, going from:

  • Kyrians should keep memories or at least view them
  • I am worried about the Maw’s power in reality


  • I am going to help the Maw’s forces and ruler escape the Maw and enter reality and continue feeding them Forsworn Kyrians to create Mawsworn Kyrians
  • Everyone should be forced to keep their memories

Really just does not make sense. There is no chain of logic that seems reasonable except a deeply embraced nihilism and desire to simply destroy everything because I can’t remember my mom.


Its because she thinks the system is broken… and she wants to see it broken down. Only person who can break it down is the jailer.

perhaps like sylvanas she came to realize the system is flawed and needs to be tore down.

Honestly I’ve just kinda given up on all of that. They had me hopeful with the Uther cutscene, but after just going through the basic quests in bastion I can see that that hope was unfounded. :joy: Like…I was looking forward to dismantling the Path and helping Uther and Devos figure out where they wanted to go next - but instead we’re being told tthat they were wrong all along and that Devos was secretly evil… So…I’m out. Sub’s out on the 16th.

The Jailer told Devos that everyone is in a prison so he is going to set them all free.

The Jailer is basically no different from the Forsworn in personality and just as willing to force his ideals down people’s throats!

“Remember kids! It is better to stick to your rigid dogma, even when it is completely in the wrong! Don’t question authority, or you will end up becoming evil like Devos!” Maybe I am reading too much into it, but that is what I get from all this.


Yeah no I got that too. Like there was…a lot to unpack in bastion. A wee bit too much, imo. :joy: Go in service, follow the purpose, I live in servitu HOO ude and its okay because I HOOT I enjoy it!.


the moral of the bastion storyline is never question a cult. even when things are going wrong, just follow the purpose




That’s still happening, the Archon admits to it after we kill Devos which is uh, dumb

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Yeah. And after Uther decides to head back on the path. So my investment is…null.

I don’t want to be a slave to the Kyrian, I want to be a slave to the friendly Jailer!

No one escapes The Maw! Wheeee! This world is a prison, so let’s all go see The Jailer!

I sometimes wonder if the teams are kept in a basement without food or water before they come up with this nonsense.


No he doesn’t. Last we hear of him he just realizes what he did to Arthas was wrong but the Archon also admits she was wrong to demand everyone give up their memories and for refusing to listen to Devos.