[SPOILERS] Baine is

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What I find interesting is how He hesitates before mentioning the execution. Horde-side, no one mentions the possibility of him being executed, it’s all on the Alliance side, and even then Anduin gives two different stories, with him telling Jaina that his spies informed him of what awaits Baine. I wonder who is giving Anduin these visions?


She’s a interesting character, just like Vol’jin, Thrall, and anyone they put effort into having story.

Saying just because she’s female is pretty sexist.


It is a trap, but for who. I think this is where sylv. will be purged of whatever is controlling her. Outside the undead you have every race helping Baine. GG Horde GG mad dog War chief . Is this where green Jesus sacrifices himself for the Horde?


Seems my edit didn’t go through.

I don’t have a problem with her being a female character, I just don’t think she’s interesting. At this point she’s become a cartoon villain.

I’m making fun of those weirdos who just follow a pretty face.


Her being Warchief was probably the biggest story mistake Blizzard ever made.

She was always a character that wasn’t truly Horde loyal, she was always out for herself from the start, The Horde was a means to an end.

Now if she was doing all this, against The Warchiefs orders, that would be more interesting. But no, shes Warchief, and now Blood Elf and Forsaken players have come out of the wood works to hijack The Horde.

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The alliance are the heros once more :slight_smile:

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Except you assume that is everyone who doesn’t think like you. Also lol at “pretty face”.


What are you trying to say here? Because if you actually read my post you’d know that I didn’t say everyone who likes Sylvanas just follows her because she’s female. There’s a reason why I said that I’m making fun of THOSE weirdos.

I did not say, “I’m making fun of all Sylvanas fans who just follow a pretty face.”

You need to lighten up and learn to take a joke, since the point just went right over your head and now you’re acting all hostile.

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100% this, she’s fooled so many players thinking she cares about the horde. Comes to show the horde population are the most gullible people on Azeroth.

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Yeah maybe YOU should read what you post.


You think this a “Gotcha!” moment, but you didn’t read where I said “MOST” not “ALL”

Also, that was the joke right there. The one that just sped right past your head.


Thanks for trying to clear it up, it didn’t sound to good when I read it.

Not really shocking, Tyrande gets a dbz power up to face Nathanos. Kinda wish the writers would try harder.


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Is it too much to ask to want a Horde that is For the Horde? By the Horde? Of the Horde/

I am getting tired of the Horde constantly being written as indebted to the Alliance, and its never the other way around.

The entire Horde storyline is written to prop up the Alliance as the ultimate good guys and saviors of everything.


I agree. One thing that really bothers me is that Tyrande gets these God-Like abilities, then she just disappears off the face of Darkshore. You’d think she’d have some presence during the Darkshore Warfront, but she’s nowhere to be found there either.

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I severely prefer being friendly with the alliance, over the horde devolving into scourge 2.0.

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I don’t care about “friendly with the Alliance”.

This is taking it to another level. This is “a vassal of the Alliance”. This is “under the control of the Alliance”. This is “a pawn of the Alliance”. This is “the Horde owes everything to the Alliance”.

When Horde leaders are regularly shown to owe a debt to the Alliance (and its not the other way ever), its not being “friendly”. You aren’t “friendly” with your bank if they loan you money to buy a house. They own your house until you pay the mortgage.

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Nobody cares about Sylvanas being a chick outside of you and Christie Golden.


Yeah but Thrall isn’t serving the Alliance here. Nor is Lor’themar.

Working alongside =/= being apart of. Take this from a Zandalari, who isn’t actually apart of the Horde, but is only allied.

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So the joke is that only “most” of those who like Sylvanas are wierdos who like her because she is female with a “pretty face”?


Yeah… I should probably add in that edit now.

Here it is:

(Let me clarify that I don’t have a problem with someone liking female characters, I’m just making fun of those who only care for her because they’re romantically attracted to a pixelated character)