[Spoiler] Tyrande in 8.2?

(Cassima) #19

Agreed. After what she went through, to get those god-like powers, it’s stupid to not show her actually using them! I’m a writer too, by the way, though I currently only have one book published.

(Wallurian) #20

Get use to it.

Tyrande was boring Mary Sue Character anyways. Besides Best likeable Characters for the Alliance the Better.

(Kynrayia) #21

MIA since start of legion only to just now come back, and prisoner. Both Thrall and Baines story are all just components to propel Saurfang. TBH I probably shouldn’t ask for more Tyrande lore. Whenever they hyper focus on a single character they mess up everything that made them good.

Loved Thrall, Cata tho… especially DS really left a bad taste in my mouth from him.

Carne killed.

Garrosh went from war hero to war criminal.

Vol’jin died.

Magni gets tuned into diamond, stunned for years, and now is neutral.

Baine’s imprisoned

Saurfang left the horde.

Velen looks like he’s just done.

Rastakhan who was first mentioned in classic is dead.

AU Grommosh presumably dying (off-screen) in the recruit scenario.

It doesn’t look good for those who get a lot of focus.

Sylvanas goes from chaotic neutral to chaotic evil.

Only thing Greymane cares about is killing Sylvanas, any other part of his character seems gone.

Ironically the one who shows the most in horde who’s not getting ruined is Gallywix. Could be that it’s because he was already a horrible character to begin with.

Lor’themar, and Liadrin have been doing alright but they’ve still mostly been in the background. Mechatorque is safe because he’s mostly in the background. Most screen time he’s had is as a raid boss and he gets away. Anduin is getting too strong too fast but otherwise has been doing okay while in the limelight. All he get’s is character growth.

(Valynx) #22

Eh, the Blood Elves failed to make any significant appearance in Wrath, you know, the fight against the very force which created them as a race in the first place?

I guess Elves are to in-character story contributions what Trolls are to being relevant and not immediately dying…


I just think it’s really bad and certainly a waste of a character. The Nightborne, a “race” introduced in Legion that joined the Horde side in BFA are getting more highlight in Night Elven lore than the Night Elves of the Alliance… I understand that they are Highborne and what not, it still feels somewhat unfair.


a lot of self censorship disguised as such. but really, the bloody thing refuses to drop for me and I hate it D:

(Caargon) #25

They want to focus on Anduin.

Because he is an incredibly nuanced and interesting character, and we all wish the humans got more time in the spotlight.


And there is the problem. The WoW writers do not maintain any level of consistency or canon. Everything is retcons and deus ex machinas.

Thrall gets way too much screentime when the proper amount of Thrall screentime is zero. Unless it’s him finally dying an unheroic death.

(Nillah) #27

Nobody should fit into that storyline. Why would the alliance be totally okay with the whole Teldrassil/Undercity thing suddenly? Is Tyrande the only one still mad about it for some reason?


Exactly. The Horde and Alliance coming together at all right now is just more garbage writing because the Alliance isn’t allowed any agency of their own in the narrative. They just do whatever is required to push the Horde story forward.

So if they story requires them to completely forget the Horde just pushed the NE’s to the brink of extinction so they can tell a new part of Sylvanas’s story then that is what they do no matter how idiotic it makes them and the narrative as a whole look.

(Nillah) #29

Yeah. Them dropping the night elf story like a hot potato has made me even more angry than when they announced Teldrassil burning. The night elf part of BfA has been the only really cool part for me and it was the only reason I stuck around as long as I did. If they’re totally done with it, I’m totally done playing this expansion. I’m not sticking around for the hand-holdy part where everyone forgets we’re pissed and at war so we can fight off some Old God or something.

(Caelin) #30

The writes have totally done the NEs wrong this expansion. We lose our lands, our homes are burned down and our fallen are being forced into undeath. We go thru the Night Warrior ritual and our leader becomes the embodiment of Elune and we get a war front that changes hands ever 3 weeks as a result?!?

Hopefully they are not going to just sweep this under the rug at the end of the expansion and have us all friends again.


She’s annoying anyway. After making me run around after her last expansion while she moaned about her love, she can get bent. Plus she has cankles.

(Bigdaddymoo) #32

Who cares when we can have Blizzard’s pet Orcs back in the spotlight once again? Heck we even have the Green Savior back to save the day! You whiners should thank Blizzard instead of QQ-ing non-stop


Because of what happened in 8.1.5? You know… Baine giving Jaina back her brother?!

(Elylvannia) #34

Watch them end up giving some lame writing on why Sylvanas gets to live at the end of the expansion. She will become a raid boss, but she won’t die (They did to Jaina in the other raid)… Hence why Tyrande has no role in it, because if Tyrande is involved, then Blizzard knows they have to kill their precious little Banshee Queen off, (The one so many people like.).

Agreed with the OP, like come on Jaina should have only had a smaller part, if anything she should have encouraged Tyrande to keep going. (I loved how she came to save the day, but it shouldn’t have just been all about her).

And now the Horde and Alliance comes together to fight Ashara? So what Sylvanas is cool with that? I know she’s got the knife now but I would think she still wouldn’t want the Alliance that close to them.

Yep, this isn’t Garrosh 2.0. This is Grommash 2.0, villian to hero. Illidan 2.0. Redemption story. Sylvanas isn’t going to die and probably end up looking like an hero, while Tyrande and the Night Elves are forgotten about. (I am aware how much story Night Elves had in Legion, but is no excuse for this type of writing)

(Humanìty) #35

You expect blizzard to write good character alts and threads and to put them together and resolve them in a satisfying way?



Tyrande is like 13k years old and follows the orders of an 18 year old boy. Sorry, WoW’s story might be terrible, but even as bad as it is, it doesn’t need narrative centering around such a pathetic Night Elf.

(Ravens) #37

You completely forgot that Blizzard turned the Lore of Tyrande, who’s the Leader of the Night Elves, who’s of the gender of the Night Elves who are dominant and the warriors of the race… turned her into a stereotypical female.

A female who’s only concern in her life is her husband.

They watered her down, she is no longer a dominant fierce warrior, instead Malfurion is more of a Warrior than she is, and she only cares for the wellbeing and safety of her Husband…

And with Malfurion being injured in Darkshore, you can bet your butt that all that Tyrande is concerned with at the moment is mending and tending to her husband during his recovery.

Shame on Blizzard for turning a proud, strong, and dominant woman into a weak damsel who serves and can’t do anything without her Man.

Not even sure why Blizzard even still has her title as the Leader of the Kaldori, because ever since Malfurion woke up, Malfurion has been essentially calling all the shots and leading every action that the Kaldori have taken over the past few expansions while Tyrande is left behind at home.

(Terranox) #38

They initially wrote her as not knowing/ understanding her powers. They probably intended for her to master them during that time if not for the alliance uproar over the scenario