Spoiler. The war within Intro

So the sons of Lothar are known by pretty much everyone. Living legends of the alliance.

What do the Horde get to guide them?

The failed warchief ridden by the green guilt which made the Orcs life miserable when chosing their land and two noname female Orcs with zero focus since their introduction.

Why do you do this Blizzard? Is Metzen really this obsessed with muscly Orcs of No one knows their names because they never appeared in a cutscene?

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Gazlowe is going to be one of the main characters of the 11.1 Undermine Patch. I don’t even think that’s disputable at this point. He’s getting his own short story and everything.


Gazlowe is Not a main character and he is a communists not fitting for a true Goblin leader.

Welp. I don’t think there’s anything I can say to that.

Good night everybody!


I want equality in the story. If the alliance gets all sons of Lothar then I want Horde leaders giving us quests that are just as much important.

Oh look, another Erevien/Grazrug thread asking Blizzard to resurrect Blackhand/Doomhammer/Ner’zhul/Gul’dan/Kargath/Kilrogg/Dentarg/<Insert Named Herd character from the 1990s>, how original.

You genuinely are helpless. Gazlowe is one of the only interesting horde leaders right now. But once again, you find a reason to complain about literally anything. I promise your posts aren’t changing any minds. If you would stop posting, I’m pretty sure the world of Azeroth would become a better place.


Just another average nice guy character.

Imagine thinking that’s actually a bad thing…you really are hopeless


My problem with Gazlowe is that he replaced Gallywix. He had big shoes to fill. If Gazlowe was the Goblin playable leader from the start - let’s say the Playable Goblin intro ended with Gazlowe committing to the Horde with his cartel - he would be fine.

Gallywix was just so much fun. Fun and funny, as Billy Crystal might say.

I remember when I first did the Goblin intro during Cata, I was like “wait… we aren’t killing Gallywix?”

It’s just disappointing that the Horde gets fun Characters only to be replaced with… just OK stand ins, at best. Meanwhile, Genn is still running around using his children as human shields, and Jaina is flying Warships over Horde cities while leveling the ramparts with Arcane broadsides.


Gallywix was great yes. I miss him.


Tbf, he’s only interesting to people already fully inundated with Warcraft’s ridiculously wide (but not deep) lore. I’d venture that 95% of the playerbase has no idea who he is, including Goblin players.

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Tbf “nice guy characters” aren’t really as rare as they used to be in warcraft.

I also don’t know why people ride so hard for gazlowe. I guess nostalgia plays a part in it since he’s a wc3 og. But after that blizzard just forgot he existed until they needed a goblin that was relatively cool with the alliance to replace gallywix and he was literally the only option available.

I’m also not expecting much from the fabled undermine since the only thing blizzard would be capable of doing is making gazlowe induce a gobbo revolution where he introduced regulations to undermine and lessen the joke aspects of the goblin race(but at that point they would just be green gnones with a actual homeland)


You mean the most powerful shaman that exists in lore and the Orc that freed the other orcs from the humans and helped free them from the burning legion at the same time?

You have a funny perspective sir.


The Horde doesn’t have their WC1/WC2 characters because those characters were evil. The WoW Horde is supposed to be a new non-evil Horde.


Key words being Supposed to be. Somewhere along the lines blizz forgot about the lore regarding the horde not wanting to make the same mistakes the orignal horde did


Tbf the horde hasnt done anything evil for at least 7 years in lore…

Thats a new world record.


First off. I disagree with how you describe Thrall, but no point in arguing that.

Secondly, Thrall is not the only Horde character to arrive. Beside him are Gorgonna and Geyarah.

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Thrall doesn’t show up until the end of levling, but during leveling voss was datamined and then ofc you have the goblin stuff whatever that will entail.

The only one during actual leveling is Gazlowe- who is with all the other dalaran survivors.

Thrall appeared at the very start before going to get reinforcements. Aethas survived Dalaran but remained in Dorn and not relevant.

Thrall returns at the start of the max level campaign with Geyarah, Gorgonna and Voss. Voss doesnt appear in yhe actual story afaik before then.