*spoiler alert*

(Alternatew) #1

After watching what transpired with Derek Proudmoore and deciding it was honorless, Baine decides to return him to his family, he sends Valeera to Jaina:

(I will try to put who speaks based on my intuition)
Meanwhile, Jaina learns from Shaw that Ashvane sided with the Horde, Valeera Sanguinar interrupts their conversation to deliver a message from Baine:

Jaina: I knew Ashvane was treacherous, but siding with the Horde is a new low.
Shaw: Ambition has a way of twisting… wait. We are not alone. Show yourself!
Valeera: Not bad, Shaw.
Shaw: Everyone, stand down! Explain why you’re here, Valeera. Now.
Valeera: I have a message for the Lord Admiral.
Jaina: Can we trust her?
Shaw: King Varian did.
Jaina: I see. Then I will hear what she has to say.

Jaina: Let’s hear this message of yours.
Valeera: Baine Bloodhoof seeks to right a wrong done to your family. He asks to meet with you in secret… off the coast of Theramore.
Jaina: After all that the Horde has done, you have the audacity to–
Valeera: The Banshee Queen has eyes everywhere. Theramore is one of the few places she is not watching. Baine is going behind the Banshee’s back. That’s why he’s suggesting Theramore. Not to offend you, but for secrecy.
Shaw: She has a point. Can you think of anywhere less likely to be under Horde surveillance?
Horde: No… I suppose not.

Shaw: Lady Jaina, Valeera was one of King Varian’s closest friends. If she says Baine seeks this meeting in defiance of Sylvanas, then I believe her.
Valeera: You may not trust me, Lord Admiral, but King Anduin will vouch for both me and the chieftain. If you can’t take me at my word, go to Stormwind and ask Anduin to vouch for me. But we don’t have much time, Lady Jaina.
Jaina: I trust Master Shaw, and I trust Anduin. That will have to do. Tell Baine that I agree to the meeting… but I am not going alone.

Valeera: “Funny how we keep meeting under dire circumstances, (Player character).
<Valeera smirks>
Valeera: Think you can convince Lady Proudmoore I’m not out to kill her? She really is going to want to hear this.”
“<Valeera looks you over>
I do what I can, Champion, as we all must.”

“<Jaina’s gaze remains on the ruins of Theramore as you approach her>
So much was lost here.”

After this Derek is returned to the Proudmoores.

Derek: Jaina… I can hardly believe it’s you. When I set sail, you were a child. And now… Lord Admiral.
Jaina: So much has changed, Derek. I… There’s something I must tell you–
Derek: I know about father. The Horde spewed lies to poison me against you. But Baine explained the truth of what happened. You, mother, and Tandred all endured so much. I’m pleased you have each other again, but… where does my path lead?
Jaina: I don’t know. But we will find the answer together.
Derek: I can’t come home… can I.
Jaina: No. Not yet. But I know others who have been through this. I believe they can help you.
Derek: Will you come with me, Jaina? I… I don’t know if I can do this alone.
Jaina: Of course, Derek. No matter the storm, we will face it… as family.

For those interested in what happens to Baine (and Zeilling, he helped him do this too)

Sylvanas calls a meeting in Theramore where he exposes them both and arrests them.

Anyways, Sylvanas seems pretty calm about the situation. I am suspecting this is how Katherine will die, killed by Derek who is currently a sleeping agent.

Big tinfoil hat material but still… what are your thoughts?

(Etheldald) #2

i don’t want to be rude but you are kinda late to the party. :stuck_out_tongue:

now to summarize my thoughts, i am happy with this development for now because this is what had me the most worried about.
Baine and zelling have my respects.
i am sure that will help when we call to the inevitable status quo,not all is lost. (even if derek gets a kill, baine have no hate from me)

i really enjoyed all these interactions, including valeera, is the first time that she meet jaina?
anyway, i think that what baine and zelling have done is excellent.
and these interaction between jaina and derek are great i love it.

(Alternatew) #3

Damn. Dat sucks.

I highly doubt it, you know, Valeera trained Anduin in the use of daggers (in which he became pretty good) and she used to wander Stormwind Keep AFAIK. So it shouldn’t be the first time.

But what if Derek is a sleeping agent?

(Etheldald) #4

that is a strong possibility but i know they they don’t know that.

They did the right thing, and put their necks on the line for it.
Derek could in fact get a kill, but i seriously doubt that it would be the only one that matters (jaina) she survived to being a raid boss after all so i assume that her plot armor is strong as heck. and i love it.

and if derek doesn’t hurry by the time that he kills someone the war will be over. so i don’t really mind or that is what i pray because there is no way that i want another faction war for now.

(Galenar) #5

Is there a reason people are convinced he’s a sleeper agent? Does the Horde side of this show them actually working him over before Baine breaks him out?

(Grahntorinu) #6

(Etheldald) #7

What support this theory is that the “military genius” was counting on team honor boi do make their move since she can read minds just like garrosh.
She needed to convince jaina that he hasn’t been brainwashed in order for her to accept him.
and probably counting that jaina would accept him (a risky move, probably? or just a “MiliTaRy GenIus?”)

And is also the fact that the moment that she arrest baine and zelling, she apparently do it in stromsong with all the horde leaders, in “alliance territory” and doing all a show to convince the spy who will inform jaina of baine’s arrest.

This would also help that jaina trust derek.
If the theory is correct, of course.

(Galenar) #8

I sincerely hope if it is true that Derek doesn’t wind up joining the Horde because “I’m Forsaken.” It would be as stupid as Sira and Delaryn and I’m not sure I’d survive the aneurysm it would cause. Sylvanas needs to be proven wrong about her entire outlook on Forsaken/Human relations in front of everyone. I think she’s won enough for one expansion.

(Cursewords) #9

One reason people consider he may be a sleeper agent?

Blizzard has shown Sylvanas throw mounds of :poop: at the walls as Warchief and the Horde is reeling. Something has to work eventually, right? Maybe this.

I happen to think he is fine and will join the Proudmoore’s and the Alliance will be happy. This will be another failed Sylvanas plan.

I still think she has like, 3 more plans in the works though, and one of those is gonna work… right?

(Galenar) #10

I’d say she or the Horde need to realize their extermination quest just isn’t going to work out the way they’d, ironically, hoped. Is she just going to forever be waging this lame edgelord war on hope long after people have stopped listening to her until she ends up with nobody like Dave in Fallout 3?

(Etheldald) #11

not sure but i can tell you, blizzard is planning something with all these undead alliance npcs.
maybe calia can make sira and delaryn return who knows.

i think that the one with the dagger will be the one who will work.
ashvane will betray her before that.
and what was the other one,apart from derek?

(Kurogasa) #12

I think Derek will devolve into another case of the light being evil by having Calia trying to force it on him or something. For all practical purposes, he would be a readily available Forsaken for her to work with, whatever that entails. In a very roundabout way, Calia might actually drive Derek to kill Katherine.

(Galenar) #13

That sounds not only repetitive of what was done to Illidan but also really out of left field. It was shocking when Xera light raped Illidan but to have it happen again would just be predictable. Why would attempting to lightforge him drive him mad enough to decide killing his mother is a good idea? It’s just really random.

(Grahntorinu) #14

On the contrary, this would serve as the most perfect form of vengeance for Rastakhan if the target is Kathrine. Talanji thanks Sylvanas for her quick thinking and joins the Horde, while everybody else is just whatever about it since it’s the son of Daelin-KILL ALL BLACKBLOODS-Proodmore. Oh yeah and we’re in the middle of a faction war to boot.

Then Jaina get’s justified in not trusting any of the Horde, especially that udderly idiotic traitor, ever again keeping her all nice and pro-alliance, Anduin get’s some actual personal strife about how much he can trust that big bully…

That loin-lover can get sent to prison or whatever, but released to defend the Barrens when that warfront comes around and earn a little respect from Sylvanas for his actions and maybe he learns a thing or two about how to conduct yourself as a leader of a nation in THE WAR THAT IS SUPPOSE TO END ALL WARS.

Throw in Saurfang and Zekhan quitting to their civil war drivel, HE WHO LACTOSE could convince Sylvanas to just take over Kalimdor and leave it at that. We’ll just deal with the occasional small skirmish so that we never deal with another Faction-War focused expansion ever again…

or maybe Derek just ends up PULVERIZING CALIA INTO STUPID LIGHT-FORGED DUST, (then probably getting put down by Jaina, oh so sad :disappointed_relieved:) I get to play this:

Hopefully they cut out any involvement Zelling has with this though. He earned his family some Forsaken-life insurance after they lead nice and healthy lives, and is too precious be soiled by the traitorous HEIFER like the creature the Grimtotem couldn’t slaughter in time.


You might be late to the party but we still like you .

(Galenar) #16

You can just call him Baine you know. It’s not going to make the flesh melt off your face.

(Kurogasa) #17

Forsaken priests generally aren’t able to invoke the light and similar holy abilities without experiencing intense pain from the ordeal. This is when they do it willingly and with preparation. Forcing the light on a regular Forsaken like Derek would be an extremely agonizing experience. There’s really no reason to think it would work well for him.

As for killing his mother, we don’t know what Sylvanas actually told him or tried to do to him, but there’s the chance that whatever Calia tries to do somehow proves Sylvanas correct (at least to Derek).

Whether or not this is a good idea on any level, this is BfA story writing. We somehow have enough of Derek to raise into a Forsaken despite him being killed by dragonfire, being sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and being hauled back up after several years. We’re a bit past thinking things through at this point.

(Grahntorinu) #18

He doesn’t deserve such a rad name, I will not refer to the worst bovine known to any game with such a rad name. Also I don’t like him a lot, did I ever tell you that?

EDIT: Now that I think about it, i’ll just replace all the stupid caps with crappy cow puns.

(Galenar) #19

Well they’d probably know better than to try it then. I mean Calia can’t be that stupid. She’d probably just give him some advice on being undead.

(Kurogasa) #20

Why would the Alliance, specifically Calia, know anything about that though? Calia’s not a real Forsaken - she specifically chose to become a light infused undead and was created as such. If anyone’s going to give him undead advice, it’s Zelling.